Understand the That Is Manufactured for Your Bike

In the world of bikes, you need to be informed about everything, the bike models, the good places to ride, the safety equipment that should be used by the cyclists, and finally a variety of information that are very relevant at the time of exit with your bike by the ai.

In addition to these, there are some other information about the bikes that need to be known, so that you can have more convenience and safety when riding with your skinny.

The information that I’m referencing is with respect to the elements used nowadays for the manufacture of bicycles.

The elements most commonly used today for this purpose are carbon fiber, steel and aluminum.

The titanium can also be used in the manufacturing of the bike, only that this material is generally used on a smaller scale due to its cost of acquisition.

With the exception of titanium, which refers to the three materials mentioned above, the first of them, that is, the carbon fiber wins in the shot when compared to steel and aluminium, if the question is quality and endurance.

This material gives the rider greater comfort, since the bike produced with carbon fiber tends to be lighter in relation to others, in addition to exhibit greater stiffness and limit fatigue.

The carbon fiber has been developed to be the material most suitable in the production of bicycles and this is due to the fact that they present the best structural conditions in relation to the other existing materials in the market.

However, this reality has not yet happened, because the use of these bikes is not made on a large scale as expected, due to its high cost, and with so many cyclists see themselves as unable to have a bike like this to use in your day-to-day.

Obeying the scale of quality, the titanium is on the second place among the best materials for use in the manufacture of bicycles. It is a material considered to be more advantageous when compared to steel for example, due to its weight being lighter in weight, or for him to present greater resistance, yet which in terms of stiffness is less than steel.

The steel in turn manages to overcome the aluminum for more rigidity, strength, and limit fatigue.

The aluminum, this is present in last place in the scale of the comparative elements that are used for the production of bicycles.

Despite their lightness to be much higher than that of steel and titanium, it is among the elements cited, the less hard, the one that presents the least resistance and the one that has the lowest limit fatigue.

But do not worry, because if by chance your bike was produced by using some of these materials, we will mention now some important information about each of these materials so that you understand a little more about what is it made of your bike and if it meets your needs.

Understand the That Is Manufactured for Your Bike 1

Materials Used in the Manufacturing of the Bike

Carbon fiber

This type of material presents itself as the strongest among all the materials that exist in the market and when compared to steel is about one-third of the stiffness the most.

An important feature and that shall be described resides in the fact that the material is anticorrosive and its production process of the frame of the bike requires more precision in relation to the other materials.

When the frames of the bike are constructed with carbon fiber and resin uniting these fibres, this process is called composites. Now if the same are constructed based on the combination of carbon fiber and glass fiber, the rigidity of the bicycle becomes larger, and for this reason is that this union of elements ends up being used in the production of the forks of the bike and pedal box.


In respect of the production of bikes, the titanium could be seen as a material in its highest perfection, but this does not happen since it is a material with high cost.

He, as well as the carbon fibre is a material anti-corrosion and offers durability, strength and fatigue greater than that presented by steel.

It is a lightweight material and its advantage in relation to other materials is in the weld, because the heat that is produced during the welding of this material in anything affects their molecular structure, thus preventing the emergence of cracks in the structure of the bicycle.

But as nothing in this life is perfect, the titanium has a considerable disadvantage that is perceived in the time in which you are going to work with this type of material. Its hardness ends up interfering with the molding process of the bicycle, because the tools that are generally used for this purpose, tends to be less resistant with respect to titanium, so that the work to be manipulating this material becomes very complicated.


The steel has stood out in comparison to other materials due to the alloy which it forms with the chrome-molibidemio or so with carbon-magânes. These alloys are made by steel have given positive results and therefore end up not losing anything when compared to other materials as well more enhanced in use on the market today.

This material is more often used in industrial applications where their resistance is proven every day. However, this material has two major disadvantages which is the fact that it to be corrosive and also your weight, because this is not a material of the lightest on the market.


Due to its low cost, Aluminum is one of materials widely used in the production of bicycle frames being responsible for a large portion of the bikes that are sold today.

Understand the That Is Manufactured for Your Bike 2

In terms of strength, aluminum is very similar to steel, however in terms of stiffness, the steel turns out to be a better material to be used on the bikes.

The height of the wall of tubular aluminum is superior to steel, where if you increase the thickness of this wall, its rigidity consequently will increase and with it your weight will also rise, that is, what appears as an advantage by one side ends up being disadvantageous for another.

The great advantage presented by the aluminum, and that it presents much less oxidative than steel.

In addition to these materials there are on the market a series of combinations which are also used in the manufacture of bicycle frames as is the case of the glass fiber and the carbon and also of boron and aramid.

The aluminum and the steel enable the realization of a multitude of alloys that are used for the purpose of improving and strengthening some of the features present in the metals.

The steel when does the league with molibdemio and magnesium become far more resistant to corrosion thereby improving the resistance to high temperatures. Now when you want to increase the resistance of steel to oxidation just do alloy it with the silicon, sulfur and phosphorus.

As is Done in the Frame of the Bike

There is a series of methods that are used for the welding of the various tubes or parts that make up the frame of the bicycle. The main ones are:

Direct union of Tubes

This mechanism is employed in bikes of average quality and they are fusing the metals until they blend in using between them an other material with similar characteristics.

To do this it is necessary that the professional is experienced and skilled.

TIG welding

This type of solder has a high calorific value and is commonly use the element argon instead of oxygen and other gases of the atmosphere to that in this way avoid that the metal to be cast is weakened. This method requires quite a lot of experience and also technical knowledge.

MIG welding

This system presents some characteristics which are similar to the TIG welding.

This system works by performing the welding of the bike so robotic and made with heavy gauge steel and industrial-scale.

Plasma welding

Features a technology well-developed to a more advanced method that the system TIG.

By Racores Caught

In this system are used the carbon fiber and the other components more sophisticated, where this method works by joining by adhesives époxi the racores and then they are placed in the oven until the consolidation of the weld.

In addition to the elements mentioned the bike also features other items. The saddles are a piece of bicycle that is usually made of leather, plastic, injectable or gel.

Understand the That Is Manufactured for Your Bike 3

The tyres of the bike are mostly made of rubber and according to the purpose for which the bike is intended for the wheel may be composed of different layers, where in the case there are some skins that are protected by a material called kevlar. To track the trend sustainable on the planet there are some plastic materials that can be part of your bike as the handles of the brake, the straps and the pedals.

Therefore in view of the above there is the extreme importance of if you’re looking to learn a little more about the materials by which your bike is produced, so that you can know whether or not the characteristics presented by it, their needs are actually being met.