Tips to Ride During the Night

Many people have the habit of walking or cycling during the night.

For the practitioners of this nocturnal activity, the experience of riding a bike in the evening, either in the city or on trails in the most peaceful, convey a sense of something good and memorable, especially when it is done the right way and with safety.

There are a few aspects that make the ride night more risky as it is the case of signage, for example. However there are also some points that make the act of cycling during the night a bit more pleasant compared to other times of the day.

One of them would be the traffic, which during the night is usually quiet making it possible including a meeting with some friends for a bike in the group.

According to experts in the subject matter, the accidents that can often occur during the night are:

  • The presence of obstacles such as holes, rocks, pedestrians, the cyclist usually don’t see and ends up occurring in the collision.
  • Accidents involving vehicles, whether car or motorcycle, being that most of them are head-on collisions or pedestrian accidents at junctions.

In these situations, it is proven that only the use of the lighthouse night on the bikes could avoid most of the accident cases registered, as a large part of the complications involving the practitioners of the cycling was related to the signage inadequate of cyclists in the darkness.

On the face of it, note the real importance of taking preventive measures in order to prevent the number of accidents involving cyclists increases even more with the passing of time.

With this there are three ways that you can make the ride night become much more secure. They are:

  1. Signaling the correct of cyclists
  2. Signage and lighting of the bike
  3. Riding techniques defensive

With these three ways, the act of pedaling the night can become much more peaceful and safe, so we believe it is relevant to talk a little bit more about each of these items.

Signaling the Correct of Cyclists

As regards the signaling of cyclists, this conduct is indicated not only for those who has a habit of riding during the night but also for those cyclists that give your ride during the day also, because the risks exist in any time and so prevention is always required.

The signage is an important factor, because the extent that we make present in a visible way, to whom is our return, the smaller the chances that it will happen some accident.

In this way, try to use whenever possible, light-colored clothes and flashy where there may be based on the presence of reflective stripes in these clothes.

Usually in events involving cycling, the use of the contributions that lead the signaling the correct to cyclists is greatly emphasized, as is the case of one of the cycling events more known to the world, the Audax, where in this proof is thanks to the use of vest reflective.

In the market already there are electronic equipment to own for signaling, night cyclists such as armbands with leds and helmets with reflective tapes.

With this, it is possible to notice that there are a range of equipment and accessories for the cyclist can be doing their signage while riding during the night.

In relation to the type of accessory or equipment that the cyclist will use, it will depend on the need and also the pocket of each one.

Tips to Ride During the Night 1

Signaling of the Bike

To promote the signage of the cyclist and the amount of accessories is extensive, as regards the signaling of the bike this amount is even more extensive. According to the Code of Transito Brasileiro, the bike must display reflectors in the front, in the rear and also the sides.

When pedaling at night, it is advisable is to use a flashing light of the red color in the back of the bike and a light in white color on its front. With the use of these accessories you’ll have greater visibility for the motorists, pedestrians, and other cyclists too, which had fallen and a lot of the accidents, making your ride much more safe.

To be doing the lighting of the path to which you will go through the accessory most suitable to be used will depend on that route that will do, because in the market there are for this purpose provided lanterns simple powered the stack up to complex systems of lighting via led’s that are powered by batteries.

In a rule, when a cyclist is pedaling at a speed of up to 12km/h it will need a headlight with a lamp for a minimum of 3watts of power output so that the public lighting or other vehicles will not interfere with the illumination generated by the cyclist, which will cause it to be perceived.

In the time you make your choices in relation to lighting, always give preference to the headlights with LED bulbs, because their field of illumination is much more efficient.

Today with technological advancements occurring continuously, most of the bikes urban already comes with headlights integrated where the energy of the cyclist when pedalling is that will feed the energy of the system, that is, a mechanism highly sustainable that will benefit both the man and the nature.

Riding techniques

A good technique to be using during their ride the night is to stay aware as long as possible with respect to the cars and make it so that they can view your presence constantly.

For this always keep reflective tapes both on the bike and in the backpack you’re using. It is also indicated to place these strips on the pedals, fork, seat stay, or in other places of greater visibility of your bike.

Another technique, but that can also up a sweat as a tip is: always seek to transit the streets of less movement of cars and/or bikes.

It is also interesting that if you use glasses with the lenses yellow anti-glare which will help prevent difficulties related with the reflection of light in the opposite direction.

Do not forget to walk always with extra batteries for the flashlights, because you never know where or when they might all come to an end.

When you are riding for urban roads, try to go in a group but without any need for you to occupy fully the range of movement of the car, as this somehow ends up annoying the drivers and many times this situation ends up not ending well.

Tips to Ride During the Night 2

So try to use whenever possible the bikeways, which are the places made within of the urban environment for cyclists to move with calmness and tranquility.

Keep your attention when you are riding during the night, as usually people tend to the end of the day want to do that “happy hour” and end up drinking in addition to the account, which in a sense tends to be something dangerous, both to the person who does so knowing that you will get behind the wheel as especially for cyclists, because you never know where it’ll come out a car with a driver under the influence of alcohol coming in your direction is not the same.

Given this fact it is also important to emphasize that the rider should avoid, while you are pedaling on the city streets, the use of headphones, because this equipment tends to disperse the cyclist, and this, depending on the situation, can be something fatal.

When you are overtaking the traffic signs has a lot of caution, and this serves not only to the cyclist but also for the pedestrian, because even though he was red many drivers irresponsibly end up passing by the signal indiscriminately.

This is even a factor that generates various accidents of transit, because commonly people tend to trust that passing on the track when the signal is red for the cars is a safe way to cross the street, but with the rush of the day-to-day, this has become insufficient.

Therefore, in addition to being in your right cyclist, crossing the same avenue as in the range pay enough attention.

Nowadays, there is also a large risk in cycling during the night, and in the case I am referring to the assaults.

You need to be very cautious in referring to this subject, because you never know where and when you may be approached by a burglar.

The tip in these cases is looking to pass into more enlightened, to seek to view beforehand someone suspicious so you can go the other way and mostly, if you do not have how to escape this type of situation, the rule is never to react, because even if he came to take his bike though, there will always be opportunity for you to purchase another.

Another important tip is, if there is any structural problem in your bike, that the ride does not stop in the middle of the path, always keep equipment bookings at your disposal so that you can walk more prevented, and with this be able to take advantage of your tour in the best possible way.

In addition to these general techniques of riding, it is important that the rider keep in mind that strolling around in the urban, whether in what medium it is, there will always be risks involved, therefore the equipment of individual security are also of great relevance.

So always walk with the safety helmet, protective gloves for hands and goggles for eye protection so that you do an overnight ride is quiet and secluded.

Tips to Ride During the Night 3