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Today we mark the debut of the Tips for Cyclists. Will be posts weekly of everything that is related to cycling. Tips, curiosities, training, nutrition, bike fit, accessories, clothing, safety, urban mobility and much more! Marelli, just like you, is passionate about cycling. So we want to stay inside all the news of the world from those who pedal.

Tips for Cyclists The Premiere Blog for Those Who Love Bike!

According to the researches, the growth of bicycle use and the debates about urban mobility have grown as a result of the challenges of social, economic and environmental change that we have experienced in our society today. The quest is to, in the near future, to transform our cities in environments inviting to cyclists.

The theme of urban mobility on the rise, has contributed to the increased use of bicycles as a transport. For use on rides with friends and even for amateur cyclists and professionals in training and competition.

The choice for the bicycle need to bring together a education on the part of drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. In addition to an urban design that provides the security. Want to know a little bit more of the profile of the cyclist’s brazilian? Go to: This file has the profile of cyclists in 10 brazilian cities, of the different regions of the country.

Yes, there is a revolution going on in the cities of Brazil, the cyclists are increasingly being seen in the streets. With this, many challenges must still be faced over time. Some people use the bicycle as their only means of transport, others use the bicycle along with other means of transport such as car or bus, many cycling up to five days per week. And you? How do you use your bike?.

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