Tips for Riding in the Cold

Tips for Riding in the Cold 1

For those who like to ride, the cold season, especially winter, can be a discouraging one. The biting cold, the humidity, the environmental pollution, mainly in large cities, are factors that leads to any practitioner of cycling, be it beginner or experienced, think twice before you …

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Power Tips for Cycling

Power Tips for Cycling 1

Every practitioner of physical activity should have a special attention to your food, and when it comes to cyclists, whether amateur or professional, the importance of a proper nutritional guidance is an essential factor for a good yield in the year, thus avoiding problems, such …

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Fun Facts About Cycling

Fun Facts About Cycling 1

Cycling is a sport that becomes increasingly more popular, especially after the meteor Lance Armstrong, north american, seven of the tour de France (Tour de France) after cure of a cancer in the testicles. The history of cycling comes from very far away, since the …

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10 Tips to Improve Your Descent

10 Tips to Improve Your Descent 1

On the internet we found a lot of information on various topics, such as practices to optimize the climbs but we found little material giving tips to improve the descent. Because really most of the hikers and/or estradeiros seek to improve each time more resistance to …

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Checklist of the Cycling

Checklist of the Cycling 1

Cycling is one of the easiest ways of getting adequate physical exercise to your daily routine because it is also a form of transportation. The practice assists in the following aspects: Save money; Leaves you fit for the physical activities; And still help the environment. It …

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Cycling as a Lifestyle

Cycling as a Lifestyle 1

There are numerous options of physical activities existing that we can combine the health and also the fun. Yes, fun. It is not unusual for people to spend the to practice constantly and even professionally exercises and sports which before had only as hobby and leisure. Some examples …

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Schedule Your Touring Around Europe 2.018

Schedule Your Touring Around Europe 2.018 1

Amsterdam – Breukelen – Netherlands – Kinderdijk – Antwerp – Ghent – Bruges Venture on a boat trip through the canals between Amsterdam and Bruges. Are 8 days getting to know the customs and living traditions, a unique concept and stripped passing through Amsterdam, Antwerp, Ghent, …

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10 Great Films About Cycling

10 Great Films About Cycling 1

Every year, the stars of professional cycling battle for the ultimate prize on two wheels, the Maillot Jaune of the Tour de France. And as the film director who leads the actors in a great orchestra film, the director of sports cycling nourishes his crop of cyclists, …

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11 Tips to Rock on the Routes of Bike!

11 Tips to Rock on the Routes of Bike! 1

A lot of people love to ride. Is very good for health, improves self-esteem, it yields beautiful photos to your social networks and you can make sightseeing simple or make journeys more extensive. The bikes are part of the life of the population there are times. There …

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Encouraging Friends to Start Cycling

Encouraging Friends to Start Cycling 1

Sure, you love your family and friends, but also love cycling, right? Divide the time between all these passions is complicated? Know that there is ways to get them to share your passion for everyone to fit in and to practice together? We will explain here some of …

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Care for Cyclists

Care for Cyclists 1

Like many aspects of life in general, there are important details to anyone who rides a bike that are transmitted by “word of mouth” or shown in situations and in places informative. Many are simple things, but if you never are informed, how do you know? …

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How to Sign In to Road Cycling

How to Sign In to Road Cycling 1

Get started in any sport can be difficult, but cycling can be particularly complicated. It is not just a matter of buying a pair of shoes or any shoe with football, and it is easy to get baffled with the amount of things and the complexity …

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The History of Cycling

The History of Cycling 1

The bike, as well as numerous other inventions of man, has its particular history and as most of these inventions, began with a mirabolante, in this case, trying to avoid exactly what leads most people to walk the bike today: exercise! This is the same. When …

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