Tours Bicycle Touring in the Southern Region

Tours Bicycle Touring in the Southern Region 1

To make sightseeing by bicycle (bicycle touring) is the last fashion in Brazil, specially in a destination of adventure tourism. If you are thinking of undertaking a trip memorable and exciting by the South of Brazil, getting to the main tourist routes in bicycle, this post …

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Good Reasons for You to Ride More Bike

Good Reasons for You to Ride More Bike 1

Even though every day more and more cyclists on the streets, many people still estranham who wide the car in the garage to use your bike. Understand then why more and more people are opting for cycling and also considering as your primary means of transportation, …

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3 Tips to Have a Routine Fitness

3 Tips to Have a Routine Fitness 1

Today, with so many gmo food and fast foods, are just a few that are not running after having a routine more healthy, a routine fitness. And it is not by coincidence, a routine with exercise and good nutrition is the path guaranteed to achieve the …

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Tips for Cyclists Beginners

Tips for Cyclists Beginners 1

Already is unanimity that cycling is not good just for health. Riding is liberating. Every mile, every new place that we know, each path new that we decided to walk, and we feel renewed. However, taking the match and pick up the course of the bike for …

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Learn All About Mountain Biking

Learn All About Mountain Biking 1

With the increase of the practice of Cycling of Mountain Bike (MTB or even off-road cycling), in recent years, is the question of where did this sport. And it is from there that we started this article. Emerged in California in the mid-70’s, americans have adapted …

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Cycling Competitions in Brazil

Cycling Competitions in Brazil 1

Participate in a championship of cycling, be it municipal, state, regional, national or international, is the dream of every lover of bikes. Even if it is in a category of amateur, the satisfaction of crossing the finish line and complete the race (even in the last) …

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