How to Avoid Bicycle Crashes?

How to Avoid Bicycle Crashes 1

For all those who ride bicycles are cyclists, professionals, or end of the week, virtually everyone has had some experience with accidents on board of your bike, isn’t it? Are those tumbles when we are still children or large accidents involving the chaotic traffic of the …

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Tips for Cycling on Trails

Tips for Cycling on Trails 1

Cycling in addition to being the practice of a sport healthy and that brings benefits to health, it can be quite fun and challenging, especially if you try new ways to explore your equipment. A common form of cycling is done on paths, receiving the name …

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8 Good Reasons to Do the Road Tour

8 Good Reasons to Do the Road Tour 1

The idea of using the bicycle as a means of transport has been propagated in recent years as a new formula to encourage the practice of exercises and still avoid the accumulation of cars in the streets that are collaborating with the emission of gases …

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The Pleasure of Cycling

The Pleasure of Cycling 1

If the person likes to ride bicycles, to venture into places and different cultures the way only your bike, and is in good physical condition, so she can do the cycling, which is nothing more than a means of travel using a means of transport …

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Important Tips for Your Trail Bike

Important Tips for Your Trail Bike 1

To the lovers of extreme sports the trail with a bike is a practical, interesting and that allows for incredible moments by nature. The practice of performing trails with a bike can be called “Mountain Biking” where the person proceeds to perform different tracks of the …

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Shoe for Cycling: Why Use?

Shoe for Cycling Why Use 1

The priority it gives to the quality of your ride not only passes for a good physical fitness and a good bike, also goes by the correct use of accessories to cycling. When I make references to accessories for cycling, we typically think of helmet and …

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São Paulo Cycling! State and City

São Paulo Cycling! State and City 1

The city of São Paulo is more famous for the grandeur of its congestion than by the immensity of its parks. Already the state of São Paulo is full of beauty and bucolic landscape of cities interioranas, and by the multitude of roads that connect the …

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Cycle-Mine! The State of the Rides

Cycle-Mine! The State of the Rides 1

Minas Gerais is the state with the largest number of municipalities in the country and has a uniformity of geographical, without compromising the diversity, incredible. Pedaling through cities bucolic, small rural towns and local roads of asphalt and earth is something formidable for anyone who takes …

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How to Beat Climbs in 10 Steps

How to Beat Climbs in 10 Steps 1

Perhaps we are entering a subject that scares many cyclists, both amateur and experienced, that are on the climbs. Initially we need to break some of the paradigms regarding the theme and how to transform the fear of climbs in competitive advantage. The climbs require a …

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