Mountain Biking – Adrenaline in the Vein

The mountain biking is one of the most suitable training methods for that you enjoy a ride full of adrenaline as well as also enjoy cycling in the midst of natural landscapes, unique and incredibly beautiful where the traffic in these locations is usually very little or even non-existent.

What before was seen as just a hobby for those who like to practice extreme sports, from 1996, mountain biking has started to be considered an olympic sport where it premiered in the Athens Olympic Games, and this actually ended up stressing the importance that this sport has today.

Main types of Mountain Biking

Over time the mountain biking if you’ve targeted in several categories where each one has techniques as well as equipments and several accompanying persons so distinct are these categories of mountain biking.

Depending on the focus some categories are more geared towards the question of speed, in other agility is the most targeted among its practitioners, not to mention that is the category where the maneuvers are the most sought by its practitioners always seek to improve even more in this segment to impress the audience that comes with this sport.

The following are the main types of mountain biking.

Cross Country

This type of mountain biking corresponds to an endurance sport oldest and also popular in this segment. Presenting evidence ranging from small distances to routes, more prolonged, its competitions of various rounds end up testing the physical strength of the more experienced cyclists.

A large part of the route in the mountain biking competition involves long stretches of uphill and also downhill, so the cyclist must keep in shape to be able to pedal with efficiency.

Mountain Biking – Adrenaline in the Vein 1

In relation to the bikes that are used for carrying out the cross-country usually are lighter featuring a weight around 12kg.


In Downlill the proofs are usually more difficult than you can imagine. Despite going down in a steep straight line, and with floor is something easy, when it comes to mountain biking the stretch can present inclinations, heavy and also you can find large obstacles.

Are stones, holes, ultimately these and many other debris can be found in every part of the track when practicing this modality and as the descent is made at high speed because of gravity, this sport ends up bringing with it a danger considerable, but at the same time piques the interest of many people because of the adrenaline rush that one feels when riding on trails Downhill.

The bicycles, which are necessary for the practice of Downhill should be quite resistant as well as also must submit a suspension strengthened to be able to face the obstacles on the track. For this reason is that these bikes have a high weight compared to other bikes that are used in different ways in the Downhill.

Four Cross

This type of mountain biking is made with four riders facing off against each other in a sort of race through a series of obstacles both natural and artificial.

In this case the course can present a real challenge in relation to the technique as it has since the hills to curves more narrow, and also abrupt changes of elevation.

Slalom Double

This modality is performed with the cyclist going through a stretch going up to the foot of a hill in the middle of the spaces demarcated by colored flags, that is, to do the Slalom Double, it takes a lot of technique and flexibility with the bike, because otherwise you will not be able to adapt to this kind of mountain biking.

Mountain Biking – Adrenaline in the Vein 2

Therefore to practice some of the modalities described above, it takes a lot of training in addition to a real planning to end up committing errors.

But despite this there are still cyclists who do not develop a good planning and so the mistakes end up being as well recurrent. The following are some of the errors committed by cyclists who practice mountain biking.

Major Errors on Mountain Biking

Always run the Same Route

To be more convenient and simple many cyclists end up making this mistake of wanting to practice the mountain biking always by the same route, but in the long term this detail may end up making with that the cyclist does not evolve in the sport and stay stagnant in training.

Also there will be improvement in the physical, as the resistance required by the route will be on the same level. Anyway, for those who are looking to improve your physical endurance and to evolve in the mountain biking should certainly seek route changes according to the evolution within the sport that you are practicing happens.

Stay in the Front Always

This also represents a great error committed by some practitioners of mountain biking. Usually if you go out with other people to ride, the urge to always stay in front, or is, always arrive in the first place just by taking of account and this fact can’t happen.

The body needs to go adapting to the few to the efforts that the practice of this exercise requires. So look for pedaling moderately, not too fast but also not too slowly, because that way you would be hurting your endurance. Try to keep a balance point, as this will be critical for you to have a good performance in mountain biking.

Not to Stretch

Any physical exercise requires a prior stretching before you even start its running as well as after its completion, and with the mountain biking also would be no different. But unfortunately some cyclists end up making this mistake and they leave for the trail without at least having the elongated.

Stretching promotes muscle activation that will be useful for you due to the endurance and the physical effort you will have to go through the trails of mountain biking.

Mountain Biking – Adrenaline in the Vein 3

After the ride stretching prevents your muscles constrict, and consequently they do arise in your body of that queasy feeling of pain and muscle fatigue.

So make the stretching both before and after the rides, because for sure you will develop a better pedaling in addition to avoiding possible physical discomforts.

Anyway if you are really interested in playing the mountain biking see the tips above and learn what is the best modality within this sport for you to be fitting in well as a be aware to not commit any error during the practice of this activity and thus you without a doubt will start on the mountain biking in the best possible way.