How to Sign In to Road Cycling

Get started in any sport can be difficult, but cycling can be particularly complicated. It is not just a matter of buying a pair of shoes or any shoe with football, and it is easy to get baffled with the amount of things and the complexity of some of the equipment that you’ll probably have to buy.

The good news is that we are here with a set of information to be able to assist you. All that initial research on the internet, we’ll provide you with while you try to figure out what to buy to finally be part of the community of road cycling. So, join the club!

Grab a bike

The first step, of course, to get started in road cycling is to have a bike. But, of course, is not as simple as it seems and there is a wide variety of bikes different, information that may end up getting confusing if you don’t know what to look for.

The best choice of bike for most of the styles will be one with the handlebar fallen, which will help you to get in a lower position, more aerodynamic, so you can walk faster. However, this is not the only option, and if you are only using your bike to get around, and walking around the city, then a hybrid bike with bars flat may be more appropriate.

Once you have decided which type of bike you want to buy, it is time to find out which model, which, of course, a lot depends on your budget. It is advisable to adjust your budget to be able to define once for all the value you can afford, because, inevitably, you find yourself spending a little more than intended initially.

How to Sign In to Road Cycling 1

For those who are counting the coins, do not worry, it is still possible to buy a bike for something around$ 100. Bikes at this price come with a aluminum structure and a basic group of eight speeds – but can be an option for you to start practicing the cycling.

Walk with your bike

Now that you’ve got your bike it is important to ensure that also has the appropriate material. And if you want to be taken seriously by other cyclists, that means lycra.

The most important thing is to get shorts good material for cycling which contains a lining (suede material) to help you stay comfortable even during long rides. The shorts must fit properly, which for women will mean the purchase of shorts female specific which have a padded material particular to provide a little more protection and flexibility.

In general, the more you spend on compression shorts, the greater will be the quality of the material of the product. This should mean better comfort on the bike, although the materials of different brands suit some riders more than others. But the more you spend, make sure you get shorts (bermuda) with strips that will help keep the shorts in place when riding.

The next part of her outfit is the shirt. This is a piece more easy to choose the shorts. The most important thing is the fit, because you don’t want a shirt that moves too much with the wind, but it’s also worth spending a little more on a with a full zip for very hot days. It’s also worth investing in a cycling jacket to help you walking during the day with the colder weather.

His last piece of clothing is essential (in addition to the tennis, of course) is a helmet. Again, no need to spend so much. In fact, you can pick up a helmet perfectly safe for less than$ 100, but the helmets that are more expensive usually will be lighter, more comfortable and offer better ventilation so that you do not feel much heat on the hottest of days.

Once you have your bike, it’s time to go for the first spin around the block. Now, it may sound bizarre, but your bike probably did not come with the pedals, and the same that is sold with the pedals, these will generally pedals plans, or clamps.

What we suggest is that you play these pedals out and use your bike “clipless”. These are pedals which you tighten the shoes ( clipless in the name refers to the lack of clamps), which makes your motion of pedaling much more efficient, since it allows you to pull the pedal in addition to press it. Have your feet attached to the pedals may sound scary, but actually it is not so bad and you soon get used to it with this.

How to Sign In to Road Cycling 2

There are several different systems, but everything basically works with you pushing your foot forward and down to hold better, then, turning to the outside to drop. You can even go through a few falls, bumps and bruises while you’re learning, but once you get used to them, will be like something natural.

The different systems of pedal clipless will come with the clamps different, so it is important to get a pair of shoes that will accommodate the type of pedals you want to use. To do this, just see the bottom of your shoes and see if they have two or three screws to fasten the clamps.

If you are travelling out of the road or, in particular, want a pair of running shoes that are easy to use, then you should choose a system of the pedal with a clip of two screws, as the pedals are Shimano SPD. These must also be pleasant and easy to get in and out of the feet.

However, if you are doing walks normal, then a system that uses a clamp three ends, as the Look Keo Classics, is the best option. With these pedals, your shoes will move less, which means better efficiency pedaling, while the broader base will give you more surface area to press.

Set up your bike correctly

The best way to set up your bike correctly is to create adjustments and maintenance, but can often be extremely expensive, so if you are on a budget, go ahead and set up your bike so that you can improve your efficiency if you move without acquiring injury.

The most important thing is to adjust the height of your seat the proper way. As a general rule, the distance between the top of the accent and the bottom bracket should be 10 cm shorter than inside leg, from there you can move up and down by a few millimeters along their first outings until you find the perfect position.

You have the right tools

How to Sign In to Road Cycling 3

You do not need to be a genius mechanic to enter the road biking, but if you do not want to be calling a taxi or having to face a long walk home when something goes wrong, is worth at least to learn how to repair some things on your bike or at least take a course in basic maintenance.


This means investing in some basic tools. To take the tyre to the edge, you’ll need a set of levers of the tyre and will need a repair kit puncture to patch a hole in the air chamber, or to place a new one.

Another thing that you need to take with you on all walks is a tool multiple. She’ll always have a screwdriver and wrenches Allen of various sizes to help you solve the problems of adjustments needed during your ride or race.

Well, practically this is that you will need to ride your bike as a professional cyclist of the road. For everything to go right, it’s worth buying a bag seat that allows you to hide your tools under your seat and forget them until they are needed.

Find some routes

Now that you are ready for cycling, you need to find out where it is going. If you are traveling along unfamiliar roads and you don’t want to lose, then the cheapest solution is to buy a cover to water proof smartphone that allows you to attach your cell phone or other electronic devices to the handlebars.

The other option (more expensive) is to buy a cycling computer, on which you can download routes pre-planned. This option is more expensive and in the current market there are numerous brands that offer this type of product.

In addition to help you find your way around their tracks local, walk with a computer cycle GPS or a smartphone allows you to upload your rides to Strava when you get home. For those not in the know, Strava is a “site-sharing activities” that allows you to share your rides, give “compliments” to their peers, and compete to set the quickest times up the climbs.

It is as if it were a social network just for competitors, amateur athletes and professionals. It is not yet very popular in Brazil, so the main language is English.