How to Perform the Maintenance of Your Bike

For those who has a Bike and knows the importance it has in your life, will certainly have the science of maintenance to do and of the care that you need to have with this skinny.

When you want to have a bike in good conditions of use, it is recommended to review double a year, the first when you are close to the July holidays and the other must generally be made at the end of the year, seasons when you probably will make more use of it.

Note if your bike is needing to be oiled, or if it is necessary to make the exchange of the brakes if they are not in good condition and if the parts of your bike are tight and no signs of rust.

If your bike has some stains or is a little dirty, it is recommended that you do the maintenance, performing cleaning it with a soft cloth (flannel cloth) slightly moistened with oil, because if you clean with water and not drying it properly can occur the formation of rust. Already, the parts that are aluminum or chrome-plated, should be cleaned with a product specifically made for cleaning metal.

Look give special attention to the parts of furniture, of your bike, since they should be very well lubricated.

In this case I’m referring to all the nuts, bolts and screws, the axes of the wheels, the pedals and the crankset as well as the whole system of regulation of the height of the saddle, the chain, gear changes, anyway, do not forget any part when it is to carry out the lubrication of your bicycle so that will be keeping her in full conditions of use.

Now is not news to anyone, that at the moment that is doing the maintenance of your bike, always check for a problem or another that could harm the good performance of the same. For this we will quote to you as to how to proceed in the face of some of the daily issues that can generally affect your bike.

Servicing your Bike

The Wheel that Empenou

A wheel that is bent, is the nightmare of every rider because to repair it is very difficult in view of that to acquire a perfect result takes time and patience. Good, to do such maintenance and repair must first identify the points on which the wheel is bent.

Look at the regions where the shims are touching, so that you can pull the wheel to the side buckle and tighten the spokes on the opposite side.

How to Perform the Maintenance of Your Bike 1

You must repeat this operation several times, until the wheel desempene.

Replacement Ray

When you realize that your bike is needing to swap the rays of the tyre just follow the following steps:

  1. Disassemble the wheel and the tire and also the air chamber
  2. Promotes the removal of the rays that you want to replace and loosen the spokes closest to that will be removed to prevent the wheel’t warp.
  3. Adjust the voltage using a key specifies

It is important that you know that a single lightning damaged it enough to cause an imbalance in the whole wheel and it can also cause an overload on the remaining spokes, thus causing them to also break. So stay very attentive to the maintenance of this item.

Air pressure in the Tires

Most of the time the efficiency and the duration of the tyres due in large part to the pressure of the air that exists in your interior. This is why it is necessary that you regularly check the air pressure and if you are a long time without riding your bike, the need for this verification is even greater.

To ensure that the outer surface of the tires is not chipped and not with stones and other objects, it is important that you do the maintenance of them, examining it regularly in the air system as well as the area of this surface.

Tire Dry

To make the maintenance of a tire on dry, check initially the nozzle, where in the case should take the cover and wet the nipple with a little water, if you notice that it releases air bubbles, that means it is time for him to be replaced.

Otherwise you should look at the tire to see if there is the presence of holes. To make the concert of chamber air is required the tire to be withdrawn, using for this purpose, a screwdriver or even irons to dismount. Has quite a lot of attention when removing the air chamber, since during this process you run the risk of damaging it, the ai in this case only by substituting another.

Current Wide

If your bike is experiencing the current through large other or happens of the links don’t fit on the cogs, this means that it is deteriorating being necessary, therefore, to do the maintenance through the replacement of this current one in a new.

Now if you are intending to shorten the chain, you must first loosen the clamp with a pliers so that it opens and you remove the chain without having to disassemble the wheel. Then wipe all of the current dipping it completely in a solution of oil.

Finally calculate the right length of chain and make the removal of the links that are in excess.

If the chain of your bike does not have links removable, it will be necessary for this maintenance that you dismount the wheel from the back. After you open the chain with a punch and connect the length with the wheel already mounted and pulled to the front.

How to Perform the Maintenance of Your Bike 2

Do the shortening of the chain, and then close it with a link removable. In the case also be wanting to stretch the chain just only that you loosen the nuts securing the pinion to the rear and then pull the wheel backwards and then tighten again the nuts. Doing it this way you will see that the current will be well stretched.

Clearance in the Direction

For maintenance in case of slack in the steering, it is necessary that you obtain a fix immediately. You must keep the locknut and, with this, to promote the withdrawal of the metal ring.

Press the bearing housing in the direction leaving only a little loose, reset the bezel and tighten the locknut.

If you see that the clearance in the direction still is relevant to examine the bearings, only that at this stage, it is interesting that you direct your bike to a specialized professional.

Changes Poorly Tuned

This is a simple maintenance that you probably won’t have a hard run. In case this problem appears on your bicycle, it is only necessary that you adjust the two screws of the tuning of the changes.

Difficulties with the Brakes

In the market there are a variety of brake systems, but in the ateremos to the block brake which is formed by small rubber pads that connect to a metal support.

For the correct functioning of the system it is important that the cable is stretched and that the shims are in good condition. If you notice that the cable brake is unraveling, do the maintenance and replace it as soon as you can because otherwise it may break when you brake.

The brake lever should not touch the handlebar because this will cause the inefficiency of the brake. But on the other hand if the lever of the brake is difficult to pull the braking will be done abruptly. There are some bikes that have a bolt tension of the cable, which allows you to regulate correctly the brake.

How to Change the Shims on the Brake

Usually what happens is the two shims wear out at the same time.

This indicates the exchange of the two, and the verification of its mechanism. Start by loosening the cable of the brake and unscrew the nut that secures the metal bracket.

Look for holding the support with a tool that specifies and discard the shim that will not be used anymore. Put the metal bracket in the vertical direction and insert the shim again with a hammer. To perform this procedure, attach the bracket firmly.

Pay attention to the open side of the bracket should be facing the back of the bike and the shim should not touch the rim. Try pressing quite the lock nut of the support.

With these steps you are sure to be able to perform the maintenance of your bike and so you can walk peacefully without having the fear that at any moment your skinny you will be on the nail.

How to Perform the Maintenance of Your Bike 3

In any case it is important that you have the notion that in certain situations involving your bike, is it not possible that you alone cannot solve, being necessary, therefore, to the technical inspection of a skilled mechanic, so that way you can be sure that your bike is in excellent conditions of use.

In addition, it is necessary that you always remember to walk with some items that are indispensable to the maintenance of your bike in case of emergency such as a chamber of air reservation also known as a kit patch, a few spatulas to remove the tire, an air pump, keys, measures, and types that fit your bike, and the chain links spare can also be very helpful.

Touring by bike is an excellent activity for both the body and the mind, and therefore you should preserve to the maximum your bike so that you can practice this activity for a long time without having to worry about absolutely nothing.