How to Coordinate the Gear Shifting of the Bicycle

Personal this is a matter that happens every day in the Pedals, on the asphalt or in the ground. Especially with cyclists who are starting out with your bike riding. Let’s understand how it works and its benefits.

There are several settings between Ratchet (wheel back) and the Crown (where it goes to the pedal). In the past, bikes had a relationship 01 x-01, this made it very difficult on the pedals more extensive, the offset was for the account of its strength of leg. Once you have started to arise the relationship 01 x 10 (Caloi 10), which has revolutionized the time, for those who wanted to make long journeys asphalt, was the ideal. And in the 90s came the Mountain Bike with relationships 03 x 07 (21 Gears) with structure reinforced, to the pedals on Uneven terrain. Today has new variations on the market such as: 03 x 09, 03 x, 10, 02 x 10, 01 x 10. The Goal is to leave your bike more efficient on the type of pedal that you do.

Many people who are starting out in the pedal, are afraid to change the configuration of the marches, or when they risk do they do at the wrong time, and configure an exchange wrong, which leaves the person many times more tired, and more annoyed, making them wear out on the pedal. Including is one of the reasons of abandonment at the beginning. You may notice on your next pedal, those people who in a route plan, are pedaling equal crazy and goes nowhere, or, an ascent are making the largest force p/ do a loop of the pedal.

So let’s understand this well!

How to Coordinate the Gear Shifting of the Bicycle 1


The Setting 01 (Crown) x 10 (Ratchet) – you Can be a crown average. Used on circuits with a few climbs and a few descents (more plan).

The Configuration 02(Crown) x 10(Ratchet) – you Can be a crown medium and a small. Used for circuits with flat terrain and climbs.

The Configuration 03(Crown) x 10(Ratchet) – A crown small, a medium and a large. Used in circuits with flat terrain, climbs and descents.

The Set of Ratchets (back) also can be change size to optimize performance in the circuit. Relation less – for asphalt and higher to the Trail.

Changing the Gear of the Bicycle

In the left hand you do the change of the Crown (front)

– The Large Crown – is Generally used at higher speeds to give more torque. Used in downhill and plans.

– Crown Average – Can be used in the plan, ascent and descent.

– The Crown is Small – Generally used on climbs strong.

In the right hand, you make the change of the Ratchets (Relationship Brings)

How to Coordinate the Gear Shifting of the Bicycle 2

Tip: The Chain can never be inverted, inside out or outside with the inside. This leads to increased wear and even breakage of the chain. You should always work in the following way. The Crown smaller with the 03/04 Ratchets higher. The Crown average with all of the Ratchets (Avoiding if possible the highest and the lowest – in the extreme). The Crown increased with the 03/04 Ratchets smaller.

Time to Change the Gear of the Bicycle

If you’re going to switch gears, I never do in the last hour, and never make giving torque force on the pedal. This forces the relationship and can cause breakage.

If you are on a plan in march to average the Crown (mean + Ratchet small) and sees that the front will have a climb; Anticipate your movement a few meters before starting the climb and already put a march Light the Crown (mean + Catacra large) or the Crown (small + Catacra great). After the break the ascent, return the setting to the march average.

If you are on a plan in march to average the Crown (mean + Ratchet small) and sees that the front will have a descent; After the start of the descent put a heavy gait (large Crown + Ratchet small). After finishing the descent, return the setting to the march average.

I hope I have helped in your questions. On the Maintenance of the Relationship we will talk about in another article. You have a pedal pleasurable.

How to Coordinate the Gear Shifting of the Bicycle 3