How to Choose Your Bike

Today with the Globalization process in high and imports occurring almost frequently, making the purchase of your bike has become an easy task and simplified.

The difficult now is on the choice of the model, because in the market there are a huge variety of bicycles that cater to all tastes and pockets.

The choice of the right model is of fundamental importance so that you can make the most of your bike and with this your investment will not have been in vain. Are both models like speed, bikes hybrid, mountain bikes, and finally all of them are created only to offer you the best that there is in the world of cycling.

Was thinking about it, that we seek out a step by step to help people when they are purchasing your first bike, where you will get to know a little more about the models, their features in addition to the basic characteristics of each one so that you be able to identify which of them best fits in to your profile.

Choosing Your Bike – step by Step

Step 1

The first step that should be taken is to establish the reasons why you are wanting to buy a bike.

There are many reasons to do this, is by the simple desire to have a bike, or because you need one for commuting to work or school, or even because need to do a physical activity, finally, reasons are not lacking.

This is why it is important that you first determine which end is wanting to get a bike.

Never buy a bike based on the intension of, for example, to emulate the bike that your colleague bought, or because you want to show off to your friends that is cool and ends up acquiring a bike in a highly professional but in fact this bike in nothing will be contributing to their purposes.

Be specific and focused so that in this way not err in its acquisition and will have been worth your money.

Step 2

After you have defined the purpose for which you are purchasing your bike, now comes the most important, which is to define the utility that you will give to your bike, as for each utility there is a bike specific to that particular use.

How to Choose Your Bike 1

For this you have to observe some points such as: THE ENVIRONMENT, because according to this factor, your bike will need to display characteristics that are consistent with the location itself. Another point to be observed is THE MOVEMENT that exists in the places where if you want to ride, because if it is a local rough, with the presence of many people, the characteristics of your bike will be different from those for which she should have if you were to ride your bike in a place more quiet for example.

Step 3

The third step that you should take when purchasing your first bike is with respect to the identification of your profile.

Look for analyze if you are wanting a bike just to ride or if you are in search of something more specific such as bikes for racing.

If your option is the first, a bicycle-type or hybrid bike comfort will be enough to meet their needs.

If by chance you want a bike to participate in events bicycle, a model lighter and accessories with the best will be the most suitable for you.

One important fact and that you may not know it, but his physical condition also interferes in the time of choosing your first bike.

If you have a good physical fitness, you may want to invest in a bike for competitions, also called speed or road, which usually tend to be more expensive however are more durable and feature accessories the best.

Unlike it would be if you is a person who is sedentary, where in such cases a bicycle more basic as a bike robust will be the ideal.

Step 4

Try to do some research on the subject because this way you can gather various information that will be useful to you at the time of choice of your bike.

Step 5

When buying a bike it is important that this is done at specialized locations, and should be made under the guidance of a professional in the area, where this may even give you some tips on the best choice that you should make.

Step 6

In this step we’re going to call your attention to something not less important in respect of the acquisition of the first bike of your life. It is important that you make sure of the right size that your bike should have, as well as the are with the shoes, the bikes feature different sizes and for this reason is that you should pay attention to this detail.

Generally this information should be checked by a professional, who is serving at the moment, but this does not mean that you do not need to inform it also about it.

How to Choose Your Bike 2

Step 7

When you buy your bike search to invest to much as you can to acquire the best, since it really is very worthwhile if you make this effort and invest in something that will only bring you benefits.

Step 8

It is necessary to remember also that when you acquire your bike, it is important that you reserve a part of your money to invest in the protective equipment that should be using when you start your first few rides as is the case with the appropriate clothing, the gloves, the goggles and the helmet of protection.

So do not invest all your money buying the bike of your dreams even if it is necessary to put at risk your security.

It is prudent not to time to buy your bike and do the calculations right so you can get everything that you need to start your practice cyclists the best possible way.

Step 9

When you go out to buy your bike search negotiate the price with the seller, as although the bikes have a price set by the manufacturers, there is always a margin of negotiation that you can be doing with the shop and so end up getting a special discount on the purchase of your bike.

Step 10

In relation to the brand of your bike, this can be set in time that is making the purchase, where you may opt for colors, graphics, etc.

The parts of your bike are generally similar in all brands, so you will not have to worry about it.

After following these steps you will be sure that you have everything you need to get the bike that best fits your way as also to what you want to do.

But before anything else, it is also necessary that if you talk about the main types of bike, or is, let’s talk about some types of bikes and which situations their use is most needed and useful.

The main Types of Bike

For the practice of activities related to leisure and recreatividade there are some bikes that fit well in this type of task, as is the case of the Comfort Bikes and models of mountain bikes more simplified.

These types of bikes are more comfortable, and make use of simpler components which ends up making the price more low and attractive.

So if you want a bike only for leisure these bikes are suitable.

These bikes are excellent to ride in the park, on bike paths or in movements of short distance. But on trails for example these bikes are not listed because they do not have adequate structure for this type of environment.

For activities such as cycling the bikes speed, or road bikes are suitable.

They present a structure specifies, with the tires thin and very delicate that are made for riding on bike paths and position that must have on these bikes to ride is considered to be uncomfortable for many people a time that you need to be almost lying down to do this.

In relation to the models, there are aluminium bikes, and also made of carbon fiber.

Currently in Brazil, there is a novelty in the field of bikes. In the case we are referring to bicycles compact, that is, they can be bent and are excellent to be used in urban transport.

This facility allows you to take your bike to any place, be it in trains or even buses, because your!!! compactibilidade gives it this advantage.

How to Choose Your Bike 3

The bicycle type hybrid are more known as “multi-purpose”, that is, these bikes can be used both in urban environment and in cicloturismos. For those seeking rides quiet, this type of bike is the most appropriate.

There are also in the branch of the bike that we call the mounted bikes, which are those where a professional understood about the mechanics of bikes and done the mounting of the same as per the need of each person.

It is a branch that has been growing in Brazil currently being recommended that you know best as to who knows it is investing in that area too.

Anyway, if you are looking to buy a bike and do not know in which details should pay more attention, stay connected with these tips that we provide for you and in this way surely will not pass away by anger or frustration.