Encouraging Friends to Start Cycling

Sure, you love your family and friends, but also love cycling, right? Divide the time between all these passions is complicated? Know that there is ways to get them to share your passion for everyone to fit in and to practice together? We will explain here some of the ways you try to interact with them and finally be able to encourage them to start pedaling.

Over many years this modality has been acquiring more and more passionate, and this is due to improvement in transport technology. There is no way to force someone to love cycling, but, making this practice as something fun and light, and with the encouragement of right, it is more likely that you will have success in sharing your passion for cycling with the people you love.

The secret to be able to make cycling a routine is persistence. Many families begin the ride together since I was a child and with this the practice is becoming very common. In Europe, it is common for families to gather to watch the Week of cycling in the New Forest annual in the Uk for several years, where children can meet other families also passionate about biking. Many of the children there go through a period where cycling is an exercise that ends up becoming essential, such as, for example, go to school, among other day to day activities.

But even being pretty common in other countries we also need to understand why this practice is not so common here in Brazil. Yes. There are many fans of cycling in our country, not only as a sport but also as a means of transport and as a leisure activity, usually practiced on weekends. However, the violence in the streets scares some families that pass on the message to your kids that this is a dangerous sport, because the traffic is busy, there is the possibility of ending up being a victim of a traffic accident and that the bike can call the attention of persons not competent, and may be assaulted, take your bike and all that are with you.

In 2014, an employee of a company cleaning of glass and windows of a building I was riding my bike by paulo when a drunken man came up the ballad just the trampling and fleeing without paying any relief. The case shocked even the most urban families. Even so, most cities have programs of rental bikes at strategic points in the region to encourage citizens to walk more with the equipment. The initiative is not only an opportunity to encourage the sport among the people more sedentary on the weekends, but also a way to reduce the amount of people that use the buses and subways to move on short and medium distances to work.

Encouraging Friends to Start Cycling 1

The decision is theirs

In the first place, let them make the decision to try. There are many reasons why people feel nervous about cycling, whether it is an accident of child, parents, incomprehensible, or absolutely critical, memories of a seat is painful, and one of the biggest complaints of beginners, or the fear of falling and passing “vexation”. Then recognize that there is, yes, a great difficulty for many people, even though we use the expression “it’s as easy as riding your bike”.

Encourage a lot of kindness. If they express interest in giving them a chance to start for some place far away from traffic or prying eyes.

Use technical knowledge to try to convince them to start practicing some kind of physical exercise is of the utmost importance for an improvement in the quality of life. It is worth remembering that cycling is a low impact exercise, which causes few injuries and that have many benefits to the legs, circulation and also improves the respiratory system.

Go through the basic

While it is true that you can not forget the fundamentals of balance (head up, look forward, with your arms relaxed and back straight) if you have not ridden a bike since she was a child, may need an update on some of the essential items, for example, how to use the brakes properly (both at the same time and gently), how to be able to pedal with efficiency (with a pedal in the position of 2 hours and one leg firmly planted on the ground) and even which clothes are most suitable (loose layers that will not be caught in the current, shoes plans and a pair of padded gloves also).

I think kind of hard that someone has desaprendido to ride a bike, however, it may happen that after many years without practicing, the person presents some difficulties to be able to get around on a bike more modern. The bikes today are a little lighter, because there was a change in the materials used, the gears may be different, and a bike for professional cycling, for example, has a handlebar as well different of the bicycles for daily use.

Leave them as comfortable as possible

Of course, having the gear right does not necessarily make the bike itself is comfortable to sit on, so check to see if they can easily reach the levers of the brakes, sit on the seat with both feet reaching the ground and, more importantly, position the back to back of the seat, which helps with the centre of gravity and therefore, balance, and is also more comfortable.

If they experience any discomfort, try to adjust the seat position forward or backward or up or down slightly. In the final analysis, they only need a bicycle or seat different. Remember that on cold days it is necessary to add layers of extra clothing, such as shorts padded.

Encouraging Friends to Start Cycling 2

The safety equipment for those who do not have a very habit of bike riding is also of paramount importance. But, in addition, it is worth remembering-if tennis. The footwear need to have a flat sole and also be very comfortable to drive.

Schedule a short tour and free traffic

The next stage is really to get around. I should say that this part, probably need to be the most free traffic possible and does not involve many parts steep or other obstacles.

A distance of up to a kilometer or two may be enough for some people, so be smart and don’t leave if it is probable that it is cold or wet. Will not want to require too much of them until they are really prepared.

Remember, how long did it take you before you get a distance of 20 km or more. Will that ever ran that distance when I was a child? Don’t expect your beginner to do a cycling immediately, no matter how eager you are to share your favorite pastime with this person.

Patience is the key to overcoming your nervousness and if you feel that you do not have the condition, try to ask a friend, colleague or instructor of professional cycling to help. Learn without stress is the key to becoming a cyclist confident and you will be surprised with the speed with which this can be achieved in the correct conditions.

Nothing pressure

There are many reasons that can end up making a person who started cycling now ahab giving up and going back to practice another sport, or in the worst cases, which go back to a sedentary lifestyle without practicing any physical activity.

It is impossible to say that there are people that consider this dangerous sport, this is why most of us practice this sport on the streets, in parks, places with movement of people and car. Those who really like to ride a bike, is not interested in staying and walking in the same place, on an exercise bike, in any gym or in front of your television, watching the same program that watches every day.

With your family also it must be so. If you are not going to be able to convince them that cycling together will be a great adventure, and that everyone will enjoy much the experience, so don’t start trying.

The pressure always appears that the first experience is not monitored and when I say that I mean that the whole environment needs to be prepared so that everything goes as planned. The environment needs to be away from any traffic of cars and motorcycles, it is also important that the weather is nice to get outdoors.

Encouraging Friends to Start Cycling 3

Do not leave anyone behind. Everyone needs to walk more or less at the same speed, so the experience is enjoyable for everyone. It is also important to try to create jokes or small competitions. This can help in the loyalty of sport as something that may end up happening on a weekly basis. The reason of the sport be able to unite people, not only by the practice of sport. You want to admit it or not, a healthy competition unites them, much people, even if they are very different, as is the case in some familiais.

The reasons matter

And to finish, you can pretend to your family that you all need to practice a sport and begin to live a healthier life. The bike is the sport with the highest rates of acceptance between people of various ages, so it’s worth to bet on cycling.