Drank Water? Are You Feeling Thirsty? To Understand the Hydration

Every day, many people practice cycling in a quest to improve his physical fitness, to start a hobby or even to compete. However end up forgetting to take into consideration a very important factor that deserves attention in the days of today in that the environment in which people exercise often presents an unfavourable climate. The factor to which I refer is the Hydration.

The cyclist, as well as any other athlete, you need to drink fluids during the practice of your physical activity to prevent the excessive loss of body fluids through sweat ahab increasing the risk of dehydration.

Studies on the dehydration and its relationship with human physical performance are studied for a long time where from the year 1970, some studies have shown that the replacement of water is essential for athletes engaged in physical activities of prolonged duration.

A series of factors body explain this need of hydration by drinking fluids as in the case of muscles, for example, where you are under intense activity will end up producing a lot of heat that usually is eliminated through sweat.

If the loss of hydrolytic is very large, and there is not a suitable replacement the body temperature will rise to a considerable extent, thus being able to harm your health.

The dangers of Dehydration

To make you understand the importance in be moisturizing we will mention some dangers that dehydration may be causing to the human being.

The excessive loss of water just by changing heart rhythm, where it promotes the increase is due to the reduction in blood volume. The reduction of water levels in the body the least bit may lead you to exhibit some symptoms such as dizziness, muscle spasms, kidney problems in addition to difficulties in concentration.

Therefore, it is more than essential that the athlete be it cycling or other physical activity, has good hydration, with the regular intake of liquids.

In addition to water, the cyclists who ride the distances prolonged also lose some of the mineral salts present in the sweat, and must also be reset, so it is recommended to consumption aiming at the replacement of fluid in the body water or so called sports drinks because the latter will maintain the plasma volume necessary for the body to respond well to aerobic exercise.

So to ensure a good hydration whenever possible, try to go with a bottle of water or isotonic drink in support of your bike.

It is important that you do the intake of fluids before, during and after workouts to ensure a good hydration. And to better assist you in this matter we will give some tips for you to accomplish your hydrating adequately before, during, or after exiting to ride.

Drank Water Are You Feeling Thirsty To Understand the Hydration 1

Tip 1: pay Attention to the Balance Hidrolítico

Some people end up sinning precisely in this regard, because they follow their instincts and eat drink it too without the need of that particular moment.

Attention as this tip, because the volume of liquid that you eat should be equivalent to the volume of fluid lost during the practice of cycling for which there is an imbalance in the body and you end up with a liquid body of more or less.

Tip 2: The Intake of Liquids is Required

Drink fluids during the practice of cycling is important, because this way you will be improving your performance in addition to preventing the hyperthermia, which consists in the increase of the temperature of the body.

It is recommended that, missing more-or-less 02 hours to start cycling you make the ingestion of half a liter of some liquid such as water or juice for example.

During the practice of cycling, if you are in warm climate areas the recommended is the consumption of at least 150 to 300 ml of fluid for every half an hour so that way you make a hydration correct, with the replacement of fluids in the body.

Try not to rely too much on the seat, because when you come to feel that probably his body is already in the process of dehydration, so be very careful to be always hydrating and not only when you feel thirsty.

Tip 3: Invest in energy conservation

Hydration with carbohydrates present in the sports drinks are excellent for the maintenance of glucose levels which leads the cyclist to have a good performance in the practice of cycling.

Furthermore the addition of sodium and sugar in the water are important and are commonly found in sports drinks. In fundamental terms the isotonic drinks are composed of water, sodium, chlorine, potassium, calcium, carbohydrates, in addition to other electrolytes.

The carbohydrates will act as repositores of energy and also in the delay of the onset of muscle fatigue not to mention that improves a lot the taste of the isotonic drinks.

The types of sports drinks are most commonly used by cyclists are sucrose, glucose, fructose and maltodextrine.

Tip 4: Hydration Before you go

At this stage, the hydration will provide a good performance in the execution of the exercise in addition to replenish their losses of water and minerals during and after the ride and that way you will feel less muscle pain and headaches, which usually happen when you have too little water in the body.

With this you can ride quietly by your route without worrying about dehydration or anything of the kind.

Drank Water Are You Feeling Thirsty To Understand the Hydration 2

Tip 5: be careful with the Power! It is also Important For the Hydration

When we ride for long periods of time our body ends up consuming glucose, thus presenting an adequate power supply before you start the exercises is also important and necessary for the cyclist.

Some studies advise that consuming breakfast fruit, whether in the form of vitamin or juice, white bread, cereal, avoid the excess of proteins and fats, because these foods have a digestion more prolonged.

These foods in the case are to be ingested at breakfast when the person is pedaling in the early morning. It is also possible during the ride to make use of supplements rich in carbohydrates as well as amino acids, and the end of the ride is by drinking the juice of watermelon is an excellent choice for anyone who is seeking the hydration of your body.

But in any case, as there is a difference of loss of liquids and minerals from one person to another it is necessary that you make a follow-up medical care even to know which foods are suitable for you and the amount that each of them must be consumed so that you can be taking care of your body in the correct way.

In short, the volume, the frequency and the type of fluid that should be ingested should be adjusted according to the need of the cyclist. It is necessary to always be aware of the early signs of dehydration since the a lesser percentage of loss of water can already cause serious damage on the performance of the cyclist.

Percentage negligible loss of bodily fluids if not detected and addressed in time can even lead the rider to coma and death.

This is why it is essential to become “smart” in relation to this issue and always be if moisturizing either before, during or after the exercises.

As has been said previously, but it is necessary to strengthen again, that doesn’t leave to drink fluids only when you feel thirsty because the intake of water or any other liquid is required on a constant basis to avoid dehydration.

In the case of the cyclists of the third age, these recommendations are more than necessary, because at this age, content of body fluids tends to be smaller than people with less age.

In the case of supporters of a ride more radical trails, for example, the consumption of liquids and in particular, the energy conservation is important because this practice in particular involves a lot of physical effort, so naturally the body will lose a considerable amount of bodily fluids being necessary, therefore, to be no replacement of these liquids.

For cyclist who have some health problems such as diabetes, hypertension, heart problems, among others, is indicated that make a medical evaluation before starting in the practice of cycling and also before you make a hydration with the use of products such as isotonic drinks, because it is important for you to know if the components present in this type of drink will not interfere in any way that is harmful to your health.

Never forget that the way you reset the body fluids will depend on their needs and therefore will be different from one person to another. Does not to compare the replacement of body fluids of a cyclist, which uses the bike only for leisure with a professional cyclist that riding through different trails and that is this required physically.

So on the face of it always keep in mind that despite being a conduct simple, make hydration your body requires much more care and attention than you can imagine.

To get positive results around the your pedaling is necessary that follow the tips above and once you have done this you are sure that you will be practicing a physical activity safely without having the risk of dehydration or any other consequence attached to this factor.

Therefore if you understand just these steps on hydration, it is now just grab your bike and go to ride safely and with the quality that is most important in these cases.

Drank Water Are You Feeling Thirsty To Understand the Hydration 3