Cycling and Protection: The Relation That Gives the Right

The cycling has been featured as an activity that is highly encouraged in the major urban centres and even for those who have a certain experience in this environment is subject to some problems such as falls or even accidents more serious.

In addition, it is also important to be aware of how you dress when going out to ride because a garment is unacceptable, undermines not only your income but also may cause serious damage to the health.

Although this data is something important to many people leave it through that side and end up using the same type of clothing for any sport that she come to practice, but in the case of the bike this item is of fundamental importance and a good clothes for cycling is usually the one that offers comfort, protection and durability, so with these features is virtually impossible for you to continue resisting it and stay walking the bike anyway.

Thus thinking of the best way in helping you to choose the items needed for the time of the ride, we brought some of them with relevant information and that you should take into consideration when you buy your cycling accessories.

Items Needed For the Practice of Cycling


No matter if you will ride a short or long distance, this is without a doubt an item that should never miss in your pedaling.

Nowadays there is a variety of models going from the most light to those that fit perfectly to your head and still give you more ventilation.

For those people who do not open hand of the style, there is the possibility of making the choice in the midst of a multitude of colors and textures varied.

Cycling and Protection The Relation That Gives the Right 1

Look at the time of your purchase if the helmet has international safety certification, or even if it has been approved by Inmetro, as this is information that is very relevant in view that of nothing will do you buy an item like this and it simply does not provide you with the security due to which it was created.


The glasses are also very important items and you should always keep gift when you are riding a bike. Try to use interchangeable lenses that shape the climatic differences. The ideal model of glasses will be the one that better adjusts to your face for that, in this way avoid that they fall down on any friction. Making the choice of sunglasses ideal you may go by any situation, rain or shine nothing will affect your vision.


The gloves are essential to be avoiding injuries and also injuries in the region of the hands. Depending on the type of cycling that you will practice the type of glove will also change.

For example, if you are going to do the cross-country type of glove is ideal that is only part of the fingers because this way they will allow you to have greater mobility in the hands, and also that they will not heat up very much. Already in the sport downhill gloves must be closed.

In terms of material and manufacturing the most used in the manufacture of these items is the material or a synthetic material with Lycra. This fact is by the best adaptation that these materials exhibit in relation to the contour of the hands, not to mention that sweating occurs more easily thus causing the hands to dry faster.

Vests/Reflective Stripes

For the cyclists that take to the track during the night, this accessory is of extreme importance for your safety, in view that the vests that feature reflective stripes make the rider more well seen by the drivers of both small cars as for large vehicles.

Shirts and Trousers Adjusted

The shirts that can be both short sleeve as long sleeve are very often used by cyclists including some of them have protection against ultraviolet rays.

Cycling and Protection The Relation That Gives the Right 2

Regarding the pants, they must be very tight to allow for a greater comfort and also to assist in the aerodynamics of the cyclist in relation to the environment.

Bermuda or Bretelles

For cyclists that do not like to wear pants, and prefer more short, this item may be of wool when the place is usually colder or so of foam and gel to locations with more moderate temperatures.

The short serves as a mechanism of protection to the athlete in relation to the saddle. Its top layer is made of a fabric that keeps moisture in and prevents in this way the proliferation of bacteria, making it more hygienic than the pieces intimate, in which case it should not be used below that bermuda or the bretelle.

The shorts usually have a value more into account in relation to the bretelle and also feature a temperature more pleasant, not to mention that they are much more easy to wash.

The bretelle in turn displays a higher value however its lining is fixed, which is not the case with bermuda. In any case it is recommended that you try out different brands and styles to choose the one that best match your personality and your style.


Although the shoe does not present a relevance equivalent to that of the clothing for example, it can also be found in versions specific to cycling which will provide you with a greater comfort in the time of the ride.

Fashion the wave of the moment

Currently the style of the outfit of the shoe that you use to pedal sometimes is more connected to issues of fashionistas than in the simple security or comfort that these items may provide to the rider.

Also known as “Cycle Chic” or Bycicle Chic the culture of riding a bike with clothes fashion passes the idea to the cyclists that the stereotype of the “athlete” is already outdated and that he should seek to enter more style to your dress when you go out to ride.

Cycling and Protection The Relation That Gives the Right 3

Anyway as you can see there are a number of items that are indispensable in the time of the ride and therefore it is up to you to stay aware so as not to forget any of them, and so when you pick up your bike for a spin you can be sure that it will do so with the highest security and comfort possible.