Congratulations to All the Cyclists!

Little time ago there was a certain confusion about the correct date in which they should celebrate the National Day of the Cyclist.

Some people considered as the official date the day 15/04, other 19/08 and even there were people who celebrated on the 13th of October this time so special.

However, in the midst of so many doubts, finally, if you have set a date to celebrate this day that in the event it ended up being the 19th day of August. But what many people do not know is why this date was chosen.

Many people may even wonder why celebrate the day of the cyclist. Good for those who don’t know, but the day of the cyclist is a commemorative day created in honor of the cyclist and biologist Peter Davison, a 25-year-old who was the victim of an accident, having been hit on 19 August 2006 in Brasilia.

According to information of the time, the driver responsible for the hit-and-run was driving at a high speed and was drunk, that is, two pipes totally irresponsible that if you tied one to the other eventually resulting in moments fatal as this.

This date may even be just another day to most people, but for those who like to really ride your bike and live daily with she knows how to give due importance to the day today and mostly found the maximum to have this date officially established.

The act of celebrating this date is in addition to providing a simple homage, but also has the aim of creating awareness among the society about the importance of cycling in different aspects.

The inventors spent most of their time seeking to enhance and also inventing equipment and accessories to allow the bike each day was what it is today.

Congratulations to All the Cyclists! 1

Being a means of effective transportation and an excellent toy for children or even an object required for the practice of sports and physical activities, it is important to learn a bit of their evolutionary history, still more by a commemorative day like today.

So on the face of it we will know a little more about the fascinating history of the bicycle by the world?

In France the rise of the bicycle the oldest that has news, where they received the name of “hobby horse”.

These bicycles have emerged around 1818 being that this version did not have pedals, and so did a lot of fatigue for those who were in them.

Later, in the year 1840, was invented a type of pedal that stuck together to the rear wheel through a lever. This device was created by scotsman KirKpatrick Macmillan and gave the bike more agility and stability.

Along the evolutionary cycle of the bikes, the first one that came up with the format more or less as we know it today was created by H. J. Lawson circa 1874.

The bicycle is without any doubt a means of transportation quite affordable and also sustainable, that takes millions of people to adopt it, is to go to work or to school, for fun or in many other situations.

Although it is an activity so simple, but riding a bike is good for both the body and the soul. The bike in some way symbolizes a greater freedom, simplicity, sport, and certainly is an open door so that you can live well and happy.

However in relation to the matter cycling, not everything are flowers, since it is necessary to the lack of awareness about the traffic of bicycles on public roads is a problem that persists even today, where usually if you note most of the times the disregard and the disrespect that drivers have in terms of who rides a bike, and that attitude ends up putting at risk the safety of these people.

In Brazil currently run around 60 million bicycles, where half of them are used as transport to go to work.

According to some research conducted in large urban centers as is the case of São Paulo for example, there was a significant increase in the use of bikes for the displacement of people over the years.

Some initiatives have been developed in cities such as Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, where these cities are called the system tenant bicycle also known as Bike the River and Cycle Sampa, which are means created to meet the demand of cyclists that exist in these locations.

Other projects are still being developed in order to improve the life of these that are the biggest hostage of the traffic in general. While in São Paulo for example, there is a project that is in progress in which the city government proposes to create 400 km of bike path open until 2015.

Another city that is also looking to invest more in the branch of cycling is the city of Curitiba.

Most of its inhabitants have already joined the bike as a means of displacement and currently has received the project entitled Via Calm that aims to create bike paths on the main roads of the city.

With this information it is possible to notice that the few brazilian cities are giving due attention to those who have suffered so much with disregard and disrespect in the midst of the urban roads.

Cycling around the World

The cycling world is in stages rather evolved in relation to the situation presented in Brazil.

Congratulations to All the Cyclists! 2

In the cities of Bogotá, New York and Berlin for example, there is a wide area designated for the practice of cycling. Already in the Netherlands about a third of the population uses the bike to be doing their routes.

As can be noted, these countries are seeking, in addition to the bike paths, other ways to be encouraging the use of bikes.

There are countries that even encourage financially the use of the bicycle on the way home from work as it is the case of France for example, where some companies and institutions pay around R$0,25 euro per kilometre travelled in that path.

The United Kingdom is also another parents who is in this wave, where his government has developed a system of sales of the bike collective so that they are offered lower prices, and discounts on taxes for those who do use the bike to go to work.

Germany in turn presented a project even more grandiose involving cycling, where aiming at the reduction of pollution and congestion which in this country if present in high levels, it sought to make the exchange of cars and trucks by cargo bikes.

The idea is quite promising, however it is important that this country fits structurally to put into practice this grand project, once the existing bike paths in Germany are very short and there are no places to be doing the guard of the bikes.

Benefits of cycling

In addition to this activity to introduce a whole panoply sustainable and environmentally-friendly, biking is also a great alternative to keep the population more healthy in the face of a reality that is increasingly geared to the sedentary lifestyle and bad eating habits.

When cycling you will be working various parts of your body spontaneously and gradually. So it is a practice that is worth to be made.

Other data also call attention to the various benefits that cycling can provide it as daily transportation.

The bikes are generally more accessible in financial terms in relation to cars or bikes and in the transit they have more room to be moving.

In addition in the category of parking you do not have anybody, the bikes are winners because there is so much trouble to be keeping the bikes without the need to pay fees, or to discuss with flanelinhas, finally, a number of setbacks often faced by drivers every day.

Although many say that the presence of cyclists on major roads is a synonym of delay in traffic and the increase of accidents may be mistaken.

Studies in the United States reveal that the increase of bikes on the roads reduces the number of traffic accidents and also makes the traffic much more safe.

According to these studies, with the increase of cyclists on the roads the driver tends to be more attentive. Why the presence of cyclists on major roads by visa is a good sign to be avoiding accidents both to themselves cyclists but also for cars.

Finally any type of incentive with respect to the use of the bicycle is of paramount importance as the means involving this practice are not often favourable, as the streets-for example, where most of the times they found themselves in a precarious situation.

The great congestion that forms every day in the large urban centers could be improved if many people rather leave their homes by car or bike, choose the bike to move because this would be surely an inexpensive option, practical and functional.

Congratulations to All the Cyclists! 3

The bicycle has become an excellent alternative where the company ends up winning in a general way by presenting a vision more human and healthy, where the employee does not need to squeeze into public transport or stuck in traffic jams and best of all will leave the city far less polluted.