Compare the Bicycle Common, and the Stationary

Fear of falling and embarrassment, a lot of people restrict the ride to a bike exercise. But the differences between a skinny traditional and a unit of the academy does not end in the wind beating on the face. The physical preparation required to the results obtained (when the intention is to lose weight or gain muscles in the legs), there is a lot of difference. “The two exercises are great, but offer different benefits. Take note that prevents the abandonment of the training and the motivation,” says the personal trainer Valeria Alvim.

Compare the Bicycle Common, and the Stationary 1


In this aspect the traditional model is much more attractive. You can combine exercise and transportation, increasing the pace of the rides more quickly. “I bought the bike thinking about sports, but I currently use also to go to nearby places, such as bakery, market, or visit my friends,” says Eric Rinardo, 28, cyclist for over 10 years.

Tumbles and bumped into

The fear of tumbles away from a lot of adults that didn’t win the lessons of balance in the childhood. If you belong to this class, is an alternative to an exercise. “For many students, the exercise represents a kind of overcoming, since there are no difficulties with regard to the balance,” says physiologist Paulo Correia, Unifesp. “The basis of the stationary is large and sturdy. The templates are designed to withstand great weight and effort, it takes a lot of force to overthrow a”.


The risk of injury is present in both devices. In both, a good stretching before a workout can prevent the problem. And, in the case of exercise, the careful management of weight is important: never ride without a load, avoiding damage your knees or aggravate injuries already existing in the joints of the ankle and the spine. And, to choose the optimum load, ask for guidance of a physical educator. “The stimulus needs to be challenging for the student to stay enthusiastic without risk of breaking the ligaments,” says Valeria. Few people know it, but the bike academy has been prepared for people who can’t walk or that have restrictions for this. “We use the appliance with patients who operated on the knees and can’t suffer the effects of the walk, for example. The bank’s wider provides greater comfort genital, mainly for the men, and the highest strength unless the joints,” explains Paul.

Compare the Bicycle Common, and the Stationary 2

New friendships

During the ride indoor, it is common to make friends. “I generally use the bike for me to warm up before doing weight training. Meanwhile, I can talk to and get to know new people,” says cyclist Paul Henry Granger, 24 years old. But the groups of cycling also encourage anyone who goes in search of a class representative of the exercises: there are day and the right time for the matches and some itineraries include tours of the cities of the interior, favoring the bonds of friendship.


The possibility of finding different people and vary the scenery works as a stimulus for those seeking a physical exercise. Especially if you spend the whole day enclosed in an office, the bicycle offers an attractive hard to resist. And, in addition to offering the feeling of freedom, the wind facilitates the inspiration of the air. “Cycling is the sport that has the highest consumption of oxygen. A wind speed of approximately 50 km/h in the face saves the respiratory muscles, in up to 25% of your energy expenditure,” explains Paulo Correia. The rides outdoor also enhance the synthesis of vitamin D (related to the absorption of calcium by the bones), the reaction favored under the sun’s rays. On the other hand, with a stationary, you can practice your exercises without having to suffer with climate change.

Comfort and difficulties

Biomechanically it is important to emphasize that the resistance exerted by the bicycle is a common result of the combination of friction, conditions of the terrain, the influence of the weight of the equipment and of the practitioner. “It is necessary to use several muscle groups at the same time to speed up or pick up a climb. Usually people are standing on the pedals and make strength in the arms and glutes in order to increase the strength,” says the physiologist. Already, in the exercise, the difficulty is controlled in the load and in accordance with your goals – lose weight or gain muscle, for example.

The recumbent bike is an option indoor more comfortable than the exercise common. Your pedals are to the front of the body. Handlebars and saddle are not in place, there is a bench with backrest ergonomic flanked by handles for hand support. “With the legs more distant, the device does not harm the part genital”, explains Paulo Correia.

Compare the Bicycle Common, and the Stationary 3

Pain after the workout

The exercise tends to be comfortable, but it is necessary to pay attention on the position of the pedals. “If you are below the saddle, cause the projection of the person forward, causing back pain. In addition, the compression genital can be increased and the cyclist does not support stay five minutes seated,” says the physiologist.

Energy expenditure

The difference between the energy expenditure on the bike of the street and on the exercise can be of almost 50%. For a person of 70 kilos that cycling for 30 minutes on a mountain bike, the calorie expenditure will be approximately 310 calories. On the other hand, if this same person pedaling at the academy, during the same period you will spend around 180 calories. The conclusions appear in the study and to promote the Use of Cycling For a Healthier Life, the University of the State of Santa Catarina and leave no room for doubt: to lose weight, ride in the open air is one of the best options currently available.