Children’s Day – 5 Tips for the Bike of Your Son

The choice of bike ideal for the children is not an easy task, as nowadays there are several models existing in the market where they present a variety of themes as well as qualities that varies from one to another bike.

In this way, seeking the best way to give a force at the time that you are making the purchase of the bike for your child, we have brought to you some important tips that you should take into consideration in choosing the best bike for the kids. 

Tips For Choosing the Best Bike Child

Tip 1 – Analyze the Ideal Size of the Bike for Their Children

Many people make mistakes in time to buy the bike for your son or daughter because they care for the most in knowing the indicated size of the bike according to the age of your small, but in fact what they should be aware of is in relation to the height and weight of the child.

For children with height between 90 and 100cm, and weighing up to 21kg, the bike would be ideal, in the rim 12. Children who have 95 to 110cm and a weight up to 25kg must ride in the bicycle rim 14. Now if your children have 110 to 120 cm tall and weigh around 30kg, the bike is ideal for they will be the rim 16.

So stay tuned on that tip, because it will be very important for you not to err at the time of choosing the bike of your children.

Tip 2 – Choose the Bike that Has the Best Cost Benefit

Children’s Day – 5 Tips for the Bike of Your Son 1

As children are constantly growing you should look for the bike that will best suit the stage that your child displays. It is important that you think well at the time of purchase the bike of your children since it is necessary to take into account the size of the bike, in addition to the quality of their material since these factors are expected to live up to the price that you will be offering for her.

Be careful when you buy a bike that is too big for the child, as it can come to be frustrated and instead of you to encourage you to practice this activity you will be is causing her to lose total interest in starting to ride a bike.

In the same way will happen if you buy a bike of small size where the child will be uncomfortable and feel difficulty to walk on the bike.

This way search choose a bike where the child can take advantage of the maximum possible of it without feeling frustrated or even uncomfortable to give their rides.

Even the manufacturers themselves already thinking about it try to place materials, such as plastic for example, in various parts of the bike where that way some models bike end up being more fragile when compared with other existing on the market,

Try to take this tip into account at the time of weigh between the quality of the bike and the price that is being asked it, because this detail is very important.

Tip 3 – Attention with the Theme of the Bike

It is necessary that you stay tuned with relation to the theme presented by the bike that you want to buy for the child because generally the shopping facilities they seek to use the cartoon characters to labor bikes for children, and with this the times the child is interested in the bike more in the role of the children’s character that it has than by the bike itself.

If there is a bicycle quality and better materials to compete with the barbie is likely the child will not have doubts in choosing the second option, don’t you think?

So at this time the parents of the child should get in on the action with their superpowers of persuasion and talk with the child to persuade her to take the model that will be better for it in functional terms.

Tip 4 – Your Child’s Safety Should Come First

Try to avoid styles in which you do not know the origin. A large part of the bikes children have some security items that are inspected and certified by the quality seal of the INMETRO.

Children’s Day – 5 Tips for the Bike of Your Son 2

Before buying the bicycle of the child look for the quality seal of the INMETRO, as this way you will be guaranteeing the purchase of a product with proven quality. But in case you still have any questions about it you can refer to the standards of INMETRO in your site.

It is also necessary that you make sure about the warranty of the product, where in general the bikes children have around 3 months warranty. Therefore independent of the establishment in which you are performing the buying, it should ensure for you to that guarantee period on the bike of a child.

Tip 5 – Make sure of the Quality of the Site Where You Are Buying the Bike Child

In the quest to find something more in mind, some people end up going after places where bike child presents with the lowest price.

But it is important to highlight that the quality of the place where you will buy the bicycle of the child is also a factor to be considered, with a view that if the location does not have a good quality probably the products that are provided by it also does not have and in this way, the reduced price will end up not compensating at the end of the process of purchase of the bike of a child.

Today in day already, and the great demand for bicycles children’s on the internet where there are trusted shops that you may be making the purchase of the bike of the child so quiet and safe. Among the shops that work with this segment it is possible to cite the Content, Americanas, Centauro, among others.

Therefore, in the time that you are buying the bicycle of their children try to follow the above mentioned tips, for sure they will be of great use for you to not be a mistake in the choice of bike for children and despite the factor of quality and safety are paramount does not take into account the taste and the style of those who will actually use the bike to ride.

Children’s Day – 5 Tips for the Bike of Your Son 3