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Starting the Ride

Starting the Ride 1

To start cycling, the first step is to prepare “You” and your “Equipment”. This will shorten your period of suffering and will give you more “Comfort” and “Security”. And after, we can raise some questions: Where? When? With Whom? – Preparing You – The Outfit itself to pedal helps as well. The “Shirt” with pockets where you can …

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How to Choose Your Bike

How to Choose Your Bike 1

Today with the Globalization process in high and imports occurring almost frequently, making the purchase of your bike has become an easy task and simplified. The difficult now is on the choice of the model, because in the market there are a huge variety of …

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Tips to Ride During the Night

Tips to Ride During the Night 1

Many people have the habit of walking or cycling during the night. For the practitioners of this nocturnal activity, the experience of riding a bike in the evening, either in the city or on trails in the most peaceful, convey a sense of something good …

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Congratulations to All the Cyclists!

Congratulations to All the Cyclists! 1

Little time ago there was a certain confusion about the correct date in which they should celebrate the National Day of the Cyclist. Some people considered as the official date the day 15/04, other 19/08 and even there were people who celebrated on the 13th …

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7 Cities for Cycling in Brazil

7 Cities for Cycling in Brazil 1

Today, with the city’s traffic continually growing, practice cycling through these pathways has become a task increasingly difficult and when the structure is created specifically for the movement of bicycles is not adequate or is not in good conditions all this tends to worsen even …

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The Optimal Diet for Cyclists

The Optimal Diet for Cyclists 1

Cycling can be practiced in various modalities, whether beginner, intermediate, or professional cycling, at all these levels to maintain a good diet is something very important and that should be taken into consideration. Discover here the ideal power for cyclists. The power of the cyclist lacks …

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Better Understand Your Sleep

Better Understand Your Sleep 1

If there is a essential equipment to provide the rider comfort and security while he is walking with his bike, this equipment is the Suspension. At the time it is to choose the suspension to your bike, be very cautious to select the one that …

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05 Add-Ins That Help You in Cycling

05 Add-Ins That Help You in Cycling 1

To be keeping a good performance in the practice of cycling, many athletes end up resorting to the use of supplements, which corresponds to a shape complementary feeding to give the body the energy necessary for its good functioning during the ride. But what often …

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07 Important Tips for Mountain Biking

07 Important Tips for Mountain Biking 1

Every day that passes for the sport of cycling Mountain Biking has been gaining more followers and this happens due to the charm that this modality provides to allow the direct contact with nature by the cyclist as well as a few particularities positive that …

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