Care for Cyclists

Like many aspects of life in general, there are important details to anyone who rides a bike that are transmitted by “word of mouth” or shown in situations and in places informative. Many are simple things, but if you never are informed, how do you know?

Those who start cycling usually looking for an aerobic exercise the democratic that you can practice every day with a great “cost x benefit”. Although, initially, the bicycle have been invented for the knights of the 19th century did not have to walk far or do many efforts, to the extent that the bike has been evolving, also with it have evolved of their own fans.

Already at the beginning of the 20th century, numerous cycling competitions began to arise around the world. Most of them are sponsored by the brands who were seeking to foster even more the sport.

The cycling became larger when the practitioners of cycling in the road and obstacles have started to make the sport more radical. The sponsorships began to arise, and there are currently a quantity of several modalities within the cycling. But who is starting now, and in fact does not think of competing, you need some aid to understand how you should proceed from now on in the streets as a cyclist and what to do to make the experience on top of the “skinny” even more exciting.

So, here are some tips that can help you and not only in the technical part of care with the bike and the run through the city streets, but also can give you a north how to have fun and explore the numerous possibilities of if you ride a bike every day, to work, to school, to stroll with friends, go to the mall. Anyway, with the bike if you are going to any place.

Gives the outside

Travel to somewhere you’ve never been or somewhere that you think you know where you are going, but not sure. Explore! There is an element of childhood to ride a bike and before you have a car, this was the means of exploitation. Rediscover it!

If you search on the internet will be able to find some vloguers that venture doing interstate trips, and even from one country to the other only with a professional bike. It is worth to take a look at the dedication of these athletes and the wonderful images of the exploits performed by them.

Be careful on the streets

To the side of the road, in the middle of the road, the cars pass very near. This will happen with frequency. You will have to deal with it all the holy day if you want to put the bike in your daily life. It is worth to understand a little about signaling with his hands to indicate to cars when you need to pass or learn not to walk in the street in the same way that you walk on the bike path.

Care for Cyclists 1

Correct again

Welcome to the most frustrating about cycling. The learning curve in fixing a flat can be brutally steep. You will feel lack of something. A little bit of care with the tyre, more grease to be last in the chain, adjust the chains and brakes. The maintenance is constant. To learn is to fail.

Visit many stores for cyclists as you can

Then, make a list of the best to the worst customer service. You will be close to these people. The Free Market, for example, is great when you don’t need things in a hurry, but when the race or the ride is tomorrow and you just found out that your tire is flat or you are without the auxiliary, these people will be your saviors. Be cool with them and find those that are legal to you. Pay a little more for a service more user-friendly. This has value.

Food and drink

For rotations of less than 2 hours, you do not need to eat anything. Bring a gel in case you have a bad day. For rotations longer, bring a power bar, do shots short to heat. Drink water, depends on the weather, but it is a good idea to start drinking in the first 5 minutes. Because this will give the tone for the rest of the rotation. Some athletes use 1x/500 ml bottle mixing isotonic every 2 hours during the training and courses.

You make many friends

Talk about riding a bike. Is this guy. Talk, tweet, blog, make a text and find online forums! Make friends who also like cycling. They are everywhere and will be sources of information and motivation. In addition, it is safer to walk long distances in a group.

The mountainous regions and with downloaded

There are hills in your city that look like mountains? The hills that you can climb? Attack-the. Lot-the. To suffer and to strengthen. Enjoy adrenaline and extreme roads? So short these tours, but with care and all safety equipment.

Don’t be sorry for being new

We were all new once. Even Lance had to learn. To pass by a group and try to continue. If they are legal, they do not queixarão or they will make you wait a few miles up the road or at the top of the climb to guide you in the front of the pack. All recall their struggles at the beginning. Ride a bike. Don’t complain and try it out.

How to walk in the wind?

The wind can be the biggest enemy of cyclists, but with a little practice you can make life a lot easier for you, even when the trees start to swing. If you are walking in a group, stay close to the rider in front. If the wind is messing up a lot, if it is too strong, it may be best to stop and wait. When walking alone, be aware of any protection or shelter to a trench or wall can offer.

Use your gears and try to keep a good pace. Riding a bike against a strong wind head is very much like climbing. This is why so many cyclists the Dutch have excelled in the mountains of the Tour de France. Always try to begin their rotations on training with a wind from the head so that you can enjoy the tail wind on the way back.

Care for Cyclists 2

Fit your own bike

It is so nice to buy a book or search online and then pick up your bike and make adjustments. Their instincts and in this book they say that your seat should be higher? Lift it up!

Take your bike to the store

Always take your bike to a shop that specializes in maintenance of the mechanical part and also of the tires and of the air chamber. It is of utmost importance that you make a periodic maintenance if you want to participate in longer races or rides interstate. It is also good to bring a kit in the backpack in case of an emergency.

Fall safely

We’ve all done this. If you haven’t tried it, you will also do so one day. Forgot to buttoning the pedal? Make the drop slow and with the bearing of one side, get up, and look as if nothing had happened and go forward.


There are different products to keep the bike chain lubricated to continue going through the gears without many problems. Grease is one of the most inexpensive and most commonly used.

Win a small mechanical problem using only one tool-multiple

Your seat slides? A rim loose? Your current gain sensitivity and loose with more ease? Always have a tool to tighten the gears and screws. It can be useful in many circumstances, even to assist in placing the chain back in place.

Keep a few things with you

George Carlin, the american comedian made a list about personal items that can’t be missed. You need a small set of things to walk around alone. Basically, money, id and cell phone. Then you can buy a snack, a drink or an emergency supply. People know who you are? That way, you can ask for help when you blow your second tube spare 10 km from the house. Happens.

Clean your bike

20 30 minutes once a week will keep your machine running much better. The brakes, the gears, the handling will be all the more smooth when your bicycle is well looked after.

The gears and the chains don’t wear out so quickly and you will detect problems such as glass or thorns on the tire before it becomes a problem. You will also feel better every time I see that is really dedicated and takes due care with their things. Try it and see.

Care for Cyclists 3

A road to explore

No matter where you live. There is a beautiful place to where you can travel. Find-o. to Go there. Capture images on your mobile phone and share it with your friends that will be happy and excited with messages that are simple, original and fun about how amazing athlete you are and how cool is the place where you are.

Have fun

Of course! This should be fun. As cited early on, you’re basically using an adult version of a children’s toy. It is sometimes legal to stop and remember that.