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If there is a essential equipment to provide the rider comfort and security while he is walking with his bike, this equipment is the Suspension.

At the time it is to choose the suspension to your bike, be very cautious to select the one that best meets your needs.

When you put a fork or the suspension in your bike you will be adding an ideal weight at the front of the bike so that it can absorb impacts and dissipate the energy generated by these impacts for all of the bike thus keeping the wheel of the bike low to the ground.

In addition, its control and ease of driving of the bike will be much better if you do it this equipment.

If you by chance end up choosing a route that is bad for your pedaling with the front suspension may be able to help you in control of your bike, offering in this way a ride more quiet and soften the impact of the track on their arms and legs in the case of trails with more obstacles.

To choose the right way the best suspension for your bike, it is necessary that you analyze what are their real needs, since it will not do any good, so you buy the most expensive model and sophisticated suspension if this is not the ideal to meet the purposes that you intended for the use of your bike.

With the technological evolution of the suspensions for bicycles the reference item in this evolution went around the shock absorbers.

The RockShox is one of the most well-known in the market due to high performance that he delivers the bike during the ride.

For each modality is required a different type of damper, even because they have modes of cycling that require more of the suspensions and shock absorbers, and others that are lighter and do not require either of these facilities.

Types of Materials from Suspensions

In a general way the suspensions work basically around three types of principles mechanics and materials, that is the elastomer, the compressed air or springs. In the case of the elastomer, and compressed air, these are suitable for cyclists who practice cross-country.

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The suspensions of elastomer are more simple and are usually stated for cyclists that walk with their bike in the city or in places that do not require much suspension work.

However the fact that they are considered to be more simple, its maintenance and cleaning must be carried out frequently especially in the case of their stems.

In the case of forks that work with compressed air this is recommended for those people that are afraid with weight. Are models lightweight and sophisticated that feature some differential as the system that promotes the locking of the operation of the bike in certain situations, that is, when there is uphill or sprints for example, how much less the suspension to act the greater will be the performance of the cyclist for this reason, usually the suspension is dispensed using the system quoted above.

Now for those people who love an adrenaline rush, and practice trails in their spare moments, the suspension most recommended is the one that uses springs. This system is more durable and robust in comparison with the elastomer and therefore can achieve a better performance in addition to the comfort that one feels when pedaling, using this type of suspension.

Depending on the type of trail that you will travel through the suspensions can be more specific or not. In the case of the evidence of downhill, the suspensions have to be larger, with the extension of the course, with weight and accented with regard to its principle mechanical this type of suspension, just using the springs.

All of these characteristics are due to the fact that this equipment be much more required in this type of proof and it must respond according to the needs presented by the cyclist at that particular time.

However it is worth mentioning that you need to have quite a lot of attention when you are buying suspension for your bike, since the values can vary widely, and if this equipment really does not meet what you are needing at the moment, sure it will be money thrown in the trash.

In the market there are suspensions that may fetch more than R$2.500,00 to be more sophisticated and provide more features for cyclists.

These suspensions generally work with a principle mechanical basis of compressed air in the which contains the chambers for both positive and negative.

But the major advantage of this type of suspension is that it allows you to choose on the amount of air that will be inserted which in this case favors the performance of the athlete so that he will be able to feel the full potential of this equipment.

Always look to invest in suspensions in which you can make the maximum possible use of its potential, because it does not make use of this make this device something that is completely dispensable.

In addition to the front suspension, which is usually the most spoken, the rear suspension is also not left behind and should therefore be evaluated with caution.

The rear suspension has the so-called damper in which the cyclist must be aware of how much their use, since it will be essential to the good performance of the bike.

Important information about these suspensions is that they can only exist in the bikes if they come from the factory, differently from the suspensions to the front that can be purchased and inserted later on the bike.

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In the market there are calls bikes Full Suspension, which are those that present the two types of suspension, both the front and the rear. This type of bicycle is guaranteed presence in the sport Mountain bike because they were structured to work on trails long and with many obstacles because they are excellent in the absorption of impacts.

It is also necessary that you learn more about the suspension systems, and thinking about it will bring some information about the systems that currently exist in the market so that you can be more on the inside in terms of suspension bikes.

In regard to the parts that make up the suspensions, we will cite each one of them below. They are:

Front Suspension

  • Monoblock or cylinder, which acts as the key part to connect the suspension and the wheel.
  • Cane or rod: this part acts as a piston within the cylinder
  • Seat post: it is responsible for joining the suspension to the frame
  • Crown or table: this piece serves as a base for the rod at each end side.

Rear Suspension

  • Cylinder: this piece features a fixed point on the frame and the item represents the base of the system.
  • Rod: has the same function that is exerted on the front suspension and his springs to absorb the impact.

In general what ends up differentiating the front suspension and the rear suspension is the way they are designed in the bikes because while the front is laid out in the mode of the forks are connected to the wheel, the rear suspension comes with the joints, and in conjunction with the framework.

It is important that you understand that it is not enough to have a great sleep if it is not present, well-regulated for the cyclist.

A bike that has suspension rigs can be used both by cyclists of 60 kg for a 90 kg and it is this point that lies the danger. This is why it is necessary for there to be an adjustment for the specific suspension of the bike according to each cyclist.

In this case it is interesting to make the adjustment of the SAG which is nothing more than adjust the level of sinking of the suspension with the weight of the cyclist on the bike. Usually the suspensions already comes from the factory with a level adjustment of pre-load that consists of certain inches of sinking of the suspension relative to the weight of the cyclist still. Usually the SAG should be set around 15 to 20% of their course.

Another type of adjustment that can be made in the suspensions of the bikes is the compression of the spring that can cause the performance of the suspension becomes harder or softer depending on the will of the rider and also the type of terrain in which he will ride.

The throttle return is a type of regulation that will determine the time taken for the suspension to return to the initial state after receiving the impact.

This adjustment is made via a button located on most of the bikes in the region below the right ankle. When rotating the button to the right to the return of the suspension happens quickly and when rotated to the left, this return is lentificado.

Regardless of the type of adjustment used, know that this procedure should be done whenever possible to make the bike’s suspension to act as you are hoping for if you purchased such equipment was certainly to use it, you prove your potential and not simply to be there without usefulness no is not true?

Anyway, by the time you’re choosing your bicycle it is important to remember the suspension being that this is not normally indicated for those who uses the bike only for ride or work with the view that this item will make the bike heavier and more uncomfortable for the cyclist. Now if you walk by steep terrain and irregular sleep is the best way to make your days cycling much more comfortable and safe.

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