Adopt Seven Measures Before You Use the Bike to Go to Work

The hours lost in traffic and the concern to preserve the environment are just two good reasons for those who want to drop the car and embrace the bicycle as a new means of transport. But, who wants to go riding to work or for any appointment should follow the playbook of the fans of the skinny to avoid unpleasant surprises during the trip.

Adopt Seven Measures Before You Use the Bike to Go to Work 1

“When I started using the bike to work, it took me some time to learn some of the care that I deliver problems,” says Ian Thomas, producer of videos that uses the bicycle as a means of transportation five years ago, after noticing that took a long time to get to the places by car.

Get used to the idea

The permanent replacement of the car by the bicycle does not need to be made without prior notice. Start with a few. It is necessary that before you use it to go to work, you familiarize yourself with the effort and the route that will make. “If there is no preparation, you will get sweaty, tired, and stressed in your professional environment. This will only lead to discouragement and the desire to go back to the floor of the car. The ideal is that you get used to riding in the day-to-day before you adopt the bicycle as a means of locomotion,” explains Ana Paula Cross Neuman, analogues of which took the car out of the routine two years ago to have a healthier life.

But, before you include the bike in daily life, make a training adaptation. The rider should adapt your routine to the new means of transport. A good alternative to the phase transition and to get on the pace is to ride in a group. “From the moment that the cyclist passes the more security, she will enjoy every pedal stroke up to the job,” says Ian.

Careful with the clothes<br>

The clothes that you use for cycling also makes all the difference. Remember: you are outdoors and making an effort, you soon will perspire. For those who will bike to work, the solution is to leave some pieces of clothing in the workplace. So, even though sue quite a lot, just change clothes when you arrive. “I ride every day with tie, shirt, pants, social, and shoe. Just leave the suit jacket in the office, not to have to bend it all day to put in the backpack,” says Ian.

Another tip is to equip the bike with his bag (the trunk of the skinny). “It is very easy to put the suit in that compartment. It is only fold the clothes nicely that it doesn’t get wrinkled,” explains Ian. Put baskets or satchel on the bike increases the practicality of the bicycle. It is easier to take clothes and assessórios such as laptops, purses, wallets and even backpacks to wherever you go. “I use a basket in the front of the bike. I usually leave my bag there, to not walk with nothing on the back,” says Ana Paula.

For women, are worth the same care. However, every cyclist must identify what brings the most comfort and security. Ana Paula, for example, riding up to jump. “I did not encounter difficulties, but for those that bother one tip is to always leave a pair of shoes under the desk work and bike riding to tennis, it is recommended that it.

Adopt Seven Measures Before You Use the Bike to Go to Work 2

Use the time to your favor

Even though the commute from home to work made by bicycle is often faster than by car, especially because of the traffic, it is advisable to leave your place of origin with at least 15 minutes off. Thus, you gain time to recover when you get to the final destination. In addition, using the bicycle as a means of transport is different from using it to do exercise. The pace should be slower, since you pedal too fast causes the body to sweat more.

A benefit of the bike is that the time spent in a particular route is very similar every day. “I know that I’m going to spend 20 minutes every day to get to work. With the car or the bus took me an hour, at least. As I always take the same time, it is much easier to me to program, not pedaling very fast, and have a gap in time for me,” says Ana Paula.

Only that has a important detail to your screenplay done with the bike: it is not always the fastest road car is the best to do with the bike. According to Ian, the journey several times during the weekends and help in choosing the best route. “Many times the path made by car is longer and goes through more hill climbs, which is not very practical for those who will bicycle. Because of this, almost always avoid avenues and opt for the most quiet streets how to travel. This way, I run away from the traffic and I know places in the city that know if you were in the car,” adds Ian.

Stay tuned to the climate

To escape the rain, create the habit of following the weather forecast. And has always on hand a plan B. “In my backpack, I always take a rain jacket and a wetsuit reservation when the weather is cloudy. It is not legal to get to work or to an appointment all wet”, says John the Evangelist, workshop, 20 years ago, uses the bike – which he did – as a means of transport.

When the weather is very dry and hot, is vital if you are to prevent. Use sunscreen and sunglasses to protect from ultraviolet rays, and especially avoid riding at the times that the sun is the strongest. “I try not to leave the house from 11:00 to 13:00, because, in addition to getting very sweaty and tired, riding under these conditions can cause dehydration, causing falls in the middle of the street,” says Ana Paula.

Adopt Seven Measures Before You Use the Bike to Go to Work 3

Learn to use accessories

Helmet and glove are essential accessories for anyone who wants to start cycling.Protect the head from impact and keep the hands dry and firm are safety tips pointed at by all the cyclists. However, it is necessary to choose the right equipment, especially in the case of women. “I’m going to maquiada and with hair already groomed for the meetings of my work. A helmet that he would be fully closed would be to disarrange my hair. So, I opted for a helmet that, in addition to safe, it is open, fanning my face and my hair,” says Ana Paula.

Always have a plan B

The bike is a great means of transport, but not always gives evidence. On some occasions it is necessary to know to combine the skinny as public transportation. “When the rain is strong, it is very hot or I’m going to a place that is very far from my house, I try to metro stations which have special parking for the bike,” says Ana Paula.

In addition, you have an money in your pocket to catch a subway or a taxi just in case some unforeseen problems with the bike can prevent many problems. “Sometimes, because of the weather, I am obliged to leave the bike in the parking lot of work. When this happens, it’s back to the bus home and picked up my bike the next day,” says Aline Cavalcante, the journalist who two years ago started using the bike after switching from Aracajú to São Paulo.

Encourage more people

It is easier to use the bike when most people in the fellowship have the same habit. “It took a long time to be able to convince my bosses that it was better to go by bike to work, since that was the company that paid for the fuel of my car. But they stopped to imply with this after seeing that I was not even delayed, was more well prepared and when the other three people in the office began to do the same,” says Ana Paula.