5 Essential Tips to Improve Your Bike

When talking about improving your bike a lot of people is not in doubt, and sometimes even think that perhaps the most viable solution would be to buy a new one rather than tinker in that you already have at home.

But what you might not know is that placing the items in an assertive manner, you can improve your bike and leave it really like new. However it is worth mentioning that you need to make the right choices so that in the end the cost-benefit end up being satisfactory for the athlete.

Before anything else, you need to initially check if the exchange is to be made is indeed valid. Here are some points to be analyzed:

  • If the bike display frames similar, and some items in the potential, with certainty the changes will be valid as long as the bike does not stay with the high cost at the end of the exchange process.
  • It has no sense to invest money and time on the insertion of components top of the line frames that feature a life-time very long, or be over the age of 3 years.
  • In the case of bicycle being the most ancient, the most effective option would be to change for similar components, because in these cases it is more feasible to make the exchange of components by others of the same level of that insert other with top-level technology, but that will not have efficiency in this type of bike.

Starting from these checks is that you can replace certain parts. See what are these parts and their relationship with what was quoted above.

The major Parts to Improve your Bike

– Reduction of the weight of the bike Tires and inner tubes

5 Essential Tips to Improve Your Bike 1

The weight of the bike influences greatly on the performance of the cyclist and if he is a competitive athlete this relationship is even closer, where the weight of your skinny ends up being a differentiator for their success or even their failure in the competitions.

With this a collection of cameras new and also a new set of tires, despite a high price, give a good remodeled in weighing the end of your bike.

This happens because tires developed specifically for the MTB have on average 540g in relation to 1kg displayed by a tire of conventional that is part of bikes with prices intermediaries.

But note that there are ways you are further reducing the price of the tyre of your bike through the investment in air chambers, low weight, or even is doing your modification for a conversion set.

– Comfort & performance – Saddle

It is important to emphasize that it is not only the weight of the bike that has influence on the moment of analyze on the exchange of its components, as the comfort and the performance are also a big difference during the ride.

It is in this part that the saddle appears as a component that can make all the difference to improve your bike.

In the market there are different models of saddle for the most varied tastes, styles and features, you just need to analyze and see which type best will fit both your bike and the satisfaction of their needs.

But in general, when going to choose a saddle the main thought is with respect to the comfort and the convenience that it can provide.

But it is necessary that you pay attention to before you even to promote the exchange of the saddle that you use on the other if the discomfort you’ve been feeling while walking with their bike current is not being generated by an adjustment badly done.

5 Essential Tips to Improve Your Bike 2

When the adjustment of the seat is compromised therefore you will tend to feel pain during the ride, but just redo this fit that is sure the pain will fade with time.

But if you have already checked the fit of the saddle and still pain persists, then it is time to make the exchange of his saddle where in this case it is recommended to make the modification for a type that is more lightweight and with measures that fit to your body so as to avoid possible discomfort during the ride.

– Practicality and a lot of lightness to the maneuver – Handlebars

Nowadays the varieties of models of handlebars are still larger, and many brands end up offering models that are more extended that leave the bike with a look best and also with greater ease in the moment of maneuver the bike in which case it presents as an excellent option. However, it is necessary that you consider at the time of the choice of the handlebars to improve your bike the one that fits in the optimal way the disposal of his shoulders.

If you suddenly think that your handlebar has a weight that is very high, promote your modification for a type that is more light that is produced in the aluminum base that generally tends to be a lighter material.

– Performance and security – Pedals

When talking about changes of parts for the bike, a large part of the love for Mountain Biking has in mind as a great change to improve your bike changing pedals platform type by the plug-in or so for clipless. This change can interfere significantly in the performance of both the bike and the cyclist.

So stay connected and make the right choice at the time to replace this item for you then do not have problems in relation to their performance and also in the question of security.

– Convenience – front Bumper

This item certainly has a higher cost in the time to improve his bike that the other parts previously mentioned, but his trade can make a total difference in relation to convenience and also performance of the cyclist.

This happens because the models most up to date enable the rider to make a more customized fit so that the bike can adjust itself according to the weight, positioning and also the type of track chosen to pedal, not to mention that bikes with a good front bumper will usually be much lighter.

Good as you could see, to make the exchange of parts in an assertive manner, you can improve your bike not only the levels of aesthetic, but mostly in terms of functionality where it is possible only with the exchange of some parts make it even more functional, and leave it with a performance satisfactory to meet their daily needs.

5 Essential Tips to Improve Your Bike 3