05 Add-Ins That Help You in Cycling

To be keeping a good performance in the practice of cycling, many athletes end up resorting to the use of supplements, which corresponds to a shape complementary feeding to give the body the energy necessary for its good functioning during the ride.

But what often ends up happening is that people are in doubt about what type of supplementation they should take to assist them in the satisfaction of their needs. In this case it is essential that you ask about the main types of add-ons that are on the market to you is not making the wrong choice at the time of purchase your supplement.

This will list for you some of the main supplements that help athletes in their practice and provide these people all the energy and strength that they need in order to develop an activity and satisfactory quality.

The main Supplements for Cycling

– Sports Drinks

All and any cyclist in need of a diet rich in carbohydrates even to be able to play a good activity up to the end of the practice of sport.

The Carbohydrates and electrolytes are the essential nutrients that the body needs to maintain a good operation, and firmness up to the end of the route. With this the Sports Drinks appear with an essential source of carbohydrates and electrolytes to promote the replacement of these nutrients that are usually lost during the their training sessions, where through the sweat you end up losing a plethora of electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, calcium, among others.

Through the Sports Drinks you’ll be able to replenish the electrolytes lost, and with it will be avoiding consequently the emergence of a possible framework of dehydration.


Sources rich in proteins, amino acids are also essential for the promotion of muscle growth. When you do a workout that’s too intense, you end up losing muscle tissue which may result in an increase of vulnerability.

05 Add-Ins That Help You in Cycling 1

In this way, the amino acid present in the supplement BCAA will help you maintain the muscle mass of your body and also improve your immune system. This add-in will also help in your performance by increasing your stamina.

Not to mention that it will also help in recovery post-training and post competition and therefore their use as important for the practitioners of cycling.

– Glutamine

For fans of cycling who want to keep your immune system fortified to not occur a loss in performance sports, it is of the utmost importance that he make use of the supplement Glutamine for he will plays with excellence this role.

The glutamine corresponding to amino acid abundant in the muscle tissue. In the practice of physical activity intense, as is the case of cycling, for example, the body ends up being greatly required, and the physical exhaustion that occurs because of this ends up causing the loss of muscles and also a reduction in the immune function of the body.

Therefore Glutamine may be considered a very important nutrient for the fans of cycling, whether they are athletes or not.

– Multivitamin

To be performing movements that are essential to the day-to-day, the body lacks some nutrients for this as it is the case of vitamins and minerals. Without these nutrients the basic functions of the body end up being committed, or is, in case you present some deficiency vitamin and minerals to your health as well as your athletic performance will be impaired.

Cyclists are often on the move continues almost all the time, and the recovery time ends up being too small for the load of stress that exists on your body that is known to be quite large.

Through the use of supplements multivitaminicos you can improve your concentration and the power supply, not to mention that it will also occur a significant reduction in the consequences that stress will cause on the body. In this way the recovery will be faster and more effective.

The multivitamin indicated for cyclists will be the one that contains agents, antioxidants such as is the case with vitamin C and vitamin E. it should also be rich in zinc, calcium and vitamin A. the presence of these elements in the body will help in the maintenance of the immune system and also promote the contraction of the muscle tissue.

05 Add-Ins That Help You in Cycling 2

– Whey Protein

If you are practicing cycling with the intention of gaining muscle mass you will need to acquire a relevant quantity of protein.

The Whey Protein corresponds to the protein that exhibits a high level in terms of quality and biological value when compared to other supplements existing in the market.

The choice of a protein supplementation is key to maintaining healthy and also for the development of muscle mass which in the case will be quite charged during the practice of cycling.

After cycling, the Whey will assist in the recovery of your body, because the amino acids present in this supplement are easily absorbed and directed into the muscles to promote tissue repair. In addition, the Whey Protein does not leave that heavy feeling stomach since its digestion is fast and easy.

With this through the use of this supplement you will be able to acquire the proteins you need without this your performance will be affected.

It should be noted that before you make the purchase of any type of add-in it is necessary that you first organize your daily schedule to be able to perform your workouts and at the same time maintain a healthy diet. In this process the supplements are going to act only as adjuncts of the association between the practice of physical exercises and a proper diet.

It is also necessary that you look for a specialist in the subject to help you know what is the ideal type of supplement that you can be using as well as the proper manner of its use and the proper dosage.

The power will always be the most viable to be looking for proteins and amino acids that your body needs and supplementation of the act expressly, in a complementary to this power, because without a doubt the natural way to obtain nutrient is always the safest way for the health of the organism as a whole.

05 Add-Ins That Help You in Cycling 3

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